Proud to be a Virtual Assistant

A couple of weeks ago, I have attended a High School reunion. Everyone’s been bragging about the places they’ve been, their jobs and their professions: Engineers, Nurses, Teachers, etc. But they where most amazed when I told them of what I am today – a Virtual Assistant. The next thing I knew, I was the center of everyone’s attention. They’ve been asking what a virtual assistant is, what I do and how I got into it. Questions which I was so enthusiastic to answer.

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Right at that moment I realized and appreciated the things that I enjoy about being a VA. Things like, I don’t have to rush in the morning and spend too much time deciding what to wear, because I could just be cozy as I can. A Virtual Assistant works from home. I don’t have to stress myself and be annoyed by the traffic because what I only need to do is get up and turn on my laptop. I also don’t have to spend too much for a meal because my mother cooks good food for free. And the best thing is, I’m paid well enough as much as other professionals do.


Choosing to be a virtual assistant is definitely a decision which I do not regret. And being a VA, I would say, is parallel to having a stress free work environment too which allows you to spend quality time with your family or spend it however you want to.


Our conversation went really long as they were very curious about how I got into such a job. Some are even envious of the good things and opportunities being a VA has offered me. I have introduced a new field of career to my friends and it made me proud being a Virtual Assistant. The conversation might, perhaps, make them realize that online jobs are not just part time jobs. It can become a career.


My friends know how much I hated math, but as a conclusion, I would say being a VA is also associated with it. It subtracts stress, adds your income, and multiplies your skills. Now I am prouder to tell every friend that I am a Virtual Assistant, and will still be for the coming years.