Top 12 Tasks A Real Estate Agency Can Outsource To A VA

Outsourcing is an effective strategy for improving the profitability of any business. If you are in the business of real estate, an average day must be stacked with so many tasks that 24 hours never seems enough. Adopting outsourcing as a strategy will loosen up your tie; you will be able to breathe better. By outsourcing non-essential services to virtual assistants you can allocate more time to manage core functions and increase business productivity. Here are top 12 things a real estate agency can outsource to virtual assistants. Feel free to share or embed the infographic below.

tasks real estate agency can outsource to a virtual assistant

1. Outsource Prospecting

If you want to increase the probability of landing a sale, you have to widen the opening of your sales funnel. This is what prospecting does; it finds buyers who want to acquire property with the best value for their money and sellers who want to profit by selling their property. Prospecting takes time which you don’t have but virtual assistants do.

2. Outsourcing Real Estate Data Entry

In real estate, attention to detail is very important. Failure to upload or update client information can mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. Client information includes names, residential addresses, contact numbers, office addresses plus status reports that help you move the contact along the sales funnel. This is a time- consuming task which should be delegated to a Virtual Assistant.

3. Outsource Sales and Rental Agreements/ Contracts

The real estate business involves many different types of contracts. While the types of contracts are the same, their content may vary depending on city legislation on real estate property transactions. When you are moving in to close the sale, the last thing you would want is to be delayed because contracts have not been prepared. Delegating these tasks to virtual assistants assures you documents will be available upon request.

4. Outsource Research

Valuations on real estate property can change constantly. Factors such as economic fundamentals, lending rates, ongoing developments, rate of migration, levels of demand and availability of supply can easily influence pricing. There could be suburbs within the city that are still attractively priced with good upside potential you can offer to clients with smaller budgets. You can only do research regularly if you have virtual assistants on-board.

5. Outsource E-mail Campaigns

In any sales oriented business, equal focus must be allocated to market creation and market retention. These areas of concern are best addressed through e-mail campaigns. This is an effective way to promote new property listings and maintain communication with existing clients. With e-mail campaigns not only can you generate new sales but you can potentially earn repeat business from former clients. A Virtual Assistant can assure you e-mail marketing campaigns are regularly carried out.

6. Outsource Spreadsheet Creation and Management

Do you need a spreadsheet on the list of suburbs in Sydney that offer the highest yield at the most affordable housing median pricings? Do you want a comparative analysis of your company’s year- to- year performance? Even if you are highly proficient in spreadsheet creation and management, your time is best spent handling more essential tasks. Virtual assistants are likewise highly- proficient in creating professional spreadsheets and managing data.

7. Outsource Creating Letters and Word Documents

Have you ever found yourself stumped at writing the opening paragraph of the letter? You may end up spending the first 30 minutes of the work day blankly staring at the computer monitor. You could be using those 30 minutes following up on a warm lead or a solid prospect. The best option is to delegate letter writing to a Virtual Assistant. Many are well- versed in written and spoken English and are qualified to compose effective and engaging letters.

8. Outsource Basic Bookkeeping

In every business, real estate included, keeping track of your expenses and income flows are very important. Without knowing where your inflows came from and where your outflows went, it will be difficult to manage your business, evaluate performance or scale operations. By outsourcing basic bookkeeping to your Virtual Assistant, you can easily have access to the important numbers of the business.

9. Outsource Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Marketing is an essential tool for any online business that wants to maximize the opportunities in the Internet. Your website will be rendered ineffective unless more people come to visit it. One of the best ways to build inbound avenues is social media. 1/3 of the Internet’s daily traffic in on social media. In numerical terms that is more than one billion people. But social media strategy requires experience and expertise to implement. You will need to spend different hours in the day getting involved in social media. This is time best designated to virtual assistants.

10. Outsource Blogging and Article Writing

61% of consumers based their decision to purchase on a blog. 84% of businesses that marketed their services through a blog landed a client. 79% of companies that managed a blog reported a positive ROI in inbound marketing. Businesses that blogged generated 55% more sales than businesses that did not. The statistics supporting blogging are overwhelming. If you do not have time for blogging, hire virtual assistants who can.

11. Outsource Tracking Stock

It is no secret that the real estate industry is highly competitive. You are in constant competition with other agencies to get the best listings in the market. You need to have a competitive advantage and this is where tracking stock comes in handy. Virtual assistants have the resources to procure valuable information on your competitors such as sales and rental listings. These are important data you can use for negotiation purposes.

12. Outsource Database Management and Creation

In the real estate business, your database is the cornerstone of operations. This is where all information flows through. But for your database to be effective it must be regularly updated, managed and most of all structured well. Virtual assistants have accumulated a wealth of experience in many real estate agencies, they know the best way to set up and manage your database.

Real Estate Outsourcing Made Easy

In the real estate business, you should always avoid confinement. Money can only be made when you are out there on the field meeting clients, showing properties and moving to close deals. Do not constrain yourself from doing the tasks that matter most to your agency. Outsource services to virtual assistants and open up more time to manage the functions that will make your business grow. Contact Outsource Workers today!