How much is your time worth? If you are in the real estate industry time is a valuable asset. There are many things that you have to do in between helping buyers find property or sellers unload property. That is why there is a saying, “If you are doing paperwork, you are an assistant.” So is the value of your time equivalent to that of an assistant? If not then it is time for you to hire a real estate virtual assistant.

A Virtual Assistant is a person who works online from a remote location; usually from home. Businesses outsource services to a Virtual Assistant to free up valuable time and focus on functions that are directly related to their core enterprise. But virtual assistants are no longer just virtual secretaries or personal services assistants.

Today’s virtual assistants are highly skilled. They come from different industries; have acquired advanced training and the experience to render work professionally. You can find a Virtual Assistant in every industry including real estate.

What can a real estate virtual assistant do for you?

Present a Low Cost Option to Manage Your Business

If you are a real estate agent, there are many things that you have to attend to the minute you wake up in the morning. Like many real estate agents, mornings are spent browsing through e-mails and phone messages in between sips of coffee.

When 9:00am comes around, your mobile phone will start ringing periodically. People you are scheduled to meet are calling to confirm while new prospects want to know if you can help them buy or sell property.

Life in real estate moves at a frenetic pace. You need to organize your affairs but with compensation contingent upon commissions, you must likewise be efficient with your finances.

The real estate virtual assistant is the best option. She is an entrepreneur like you; plying the trade of virtual assistance. Thus you only pay her for time rendered. In addition, she is accountable for her own business expenses.

It has been estimated that by hiring a real estate virtual assistant you streamline your cost of business by 40%.

Increase Your Level of Productivity using a real estate virtual assistant

When you hire a real estate Virtual Assistant, you will see and feel your productivity go up as immediately as the day you hired her.

This is no hyperbole; a real estate Virtual Assistant’s primary purpose is to organize time so you can focus on the functions that matter more to your business. Instead of attending to paperwork, you can focus on preparing for your meetings.

Your Virtual Assistant can oversee e-mail for you so you do not have to spend valuable time on communication that has little or no relevance to the business. You can divert incoming calls to the Virtual Assistant. She has experience attending to inquiries, taking messages and has the discipline to note all the important details.

She will remind you days in advance of meetings and obligations that you have to attend to. In effect, the real estate Virtual Assistant becomes your work filter so the path toward your day’s objectives will be cleared.

Immediately, you will notice that you are able to accomplish more in one day. This is because your Virtual Assistant has allocated more time for you to address the more important tasks.

Improve Quality of Work using a real estate virtual assistant

As mentioned Virtual Assistants are no longer just “assistants” paid to do administrative work. They have varied skills; some have acquired higher training and certification in their respective core competencies.

Are you looking to organize your listings of properties, contacts and clients? You can find a Virtual Assistant who can help manage or create a CRM program for you. In real estate, the CRM is a vital component which must regularly be updated so you can successfully transition a lead into a sale.

Are you getting ready for a presentation to an important client? There are virtual assistants who are highly proficient in MS Office programs. They can create professional looking Power Point presentation slides so that your prospect will have better understanding of your value proposition.

They can prepare well- organized and expertly detailed spreadsheets so your prospect can follow and comprehend your financial projections on the investment.

Do you need more content for your real estate website? You can find virtual assistants who have the ability to write relevant, engaging and SEO optimized content for your website so that you can attract more prospects to your service.

Increase Sales Conversion

In real estate, lead generation is an important function. But lead generation takes time and requires effort. You can hire a Virtual Assistant who has experience generating leads through online and traditional methods.

She could have experience managing social media, designing and implementing content marketing processes. These are crucial activities in lead generation.

But leads lose their value if you cannot convert them into sales. The real estate virtual assistant has the experience and expertise of converting leads into sales. As the lead moves further down the sales funnel, your real estate Virtual Assistant can launch actions that will help seal the deal for you.

She can frequently touch base with your prospects without appearing hard-sell. She can send e-mails to qualified leads advising them of updates in pricing, market developments and other valuable information.

She can also help you get repeat business from existing clientele or secure referrals that she can work on. All this time, you can continue to focus on matters that bring potential revenue to your business.

Reduce Stress

Real estate can be a rewarding career. But it can also be stressful which is not good for your health and for your career.

By outsourcing services to your real estate Virtual Assistant, you are not only opening up more time to attend to core functions. You are also opening up more time for yourself.

Quantity time does not necessarily equate to productive time. It’s what you do every minute and the results you generate that determine productive time.

If you reach a point of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion, every unit of time spent at work will result in fewer returns until eventually you become a liability to your own business.

By taking some time off to recharge, you will come back better and more productive.

Having a real estate Virtual Assistant on-board will afford you what you could not afford for yourself: time. Thus, the Virtual Assistant now becomes your Valuable Asset.

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