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Real Estate Virtual Assistant Melbourne

Real estate virtual assistants are the new demand in the real estate industry. Outsourcing has never been more available and affordable for business owners all over Australia. At Outsource Workers, we understand that the best real estate virtual assistant is an investment as well as a commitment to the people you’ll be working with.

You can trust Outsource Workers to provide the most reliable virtual assistant services for your real estate agency in Melbourne! You deserve to be confident with your work and your team. To help with the transition into real estate outsourcing, contact Outsource Workers.

Understanding the Role of The VA

A virtual assistant or VA is a remote worker who can help you with certain tasks for the business that are time-consuming but not as heavy as immediate profiting tasks. We’ve seen a lot of realtors in business who spend more than ten to fifteen hours a week for repetitive tasks that aren’t exactly revenue-producing. Real estate is a highly competitive market, each hour you spend is important and can be utilised for improving your bottom line. By incorporating a virtual assistant into your business structure, you will have more time for high-priority tasks.

Virtual Assistants In The Business

Outsourcing real estate to a virtual assistant can offer so much more than just extra time for you as the owner.

Your in-house team or local staff will be able to work more effectively with the support of a virtual assistant. Since local staff are often tasked with work that demands physical presence, they will be more effective by focusing more on client relations while VAs prepare schedules and documents for them.

Virtual assistants are also useful in marketing and lead generation since these are primarily done online. Speaking of online, managing your remote staff is easier since you are working with them in digital space. This means that they are easier to monitor and contact.

Lastly, virtual assistants are a great business investment. Aside from the huge boost in productivity for your business, they don’t require an office, superannuation, or other additional expenses compared to an in-house team.

Going Into Details: Tasks To Outsource To VAs

There is a wide variety of tasks that you can outsource to your virtual assistant depending on your business needs. Outsource Workers can provide you with the most efficient VAs tailored to your preferences. Here are some of the tasks that you can assign to your VA:

Administrative Support

  • Scheduling

  • Calendar Management

  • Filing Management

  • Desktop Research

  • Reception Duties

Support Services

  • Bookkeeping and Invoicing

  • Customer Relationship Marketing Management

  • Customer Support and Telemarketing

Sales and Marketing

  • Content Management System

  • SEO and Content

  • Lead Generation


  • Data Mining

  • Data Entry

  • Other technical tasks

Getting Started With VAs

Outsource Workers makes the process of hiring a VA easier and faster for you!. Experience quality real estate virtual assistant services here in Melbourne at an affordable price ⏤ we will be here to help you every step of the way! Contact us today.



Testimonials Charles Wiggett Brisbane Real Estate Image in Outsource Workers
"Brett was extremely helpful on all levels and always went the extra mile whenever I had a question or needed help. His relaxed and helpful manner has been a pleasure."
Charles Wiggett
Brisbane Real Estate

Testimonials Geoff Grist of Richardson and Wrench Mosman Image in Outsource Workers
"I’ve had enjoyed a great experience with Brett and his team at Outsource Workers, their systems and communication skills are excellent. As a real estate agent it was important that my VA was familiar with real estate software and Brett selected my VA who knew exactly what I did and why."
Geoff Grist
Richardson & Wrench Mosman

Testimonials Manos Findikakis of Eview Group Image in Outsource Workers
We have been using the services of Outsourced Workers for the past three months and cannot fault or be more happy with the quality of service; efficiency in selecting the right VA candidates and ongoing support. If you are considering adding VA's to your team, I have no hesitation in recommending Brett & his team.
Manos Findikakis
Eview Group