What if you can grow your real estate agency’s revenue while spending and doing less?

Sounds impossible? Not really.

By hiring a real estate virtual assistant, you can increase your team’s productivity at less cost. If you haven’t looked into hiring a real estate virtual assistant for your agency yet, it’s time to outsource one and add value to your company — and we’re giving you our top 10 reasons why.

1. You’ll save time

Having a virtual assistant for your real estate agency means additional hands on deck for back-office tasks. With a real estate virtual assistant, you’ll have someone focus on administrative responsibilities why you stay on top of operations and management of the business.

Imagine delegating these responsibilities to a real estate virtual assistant:

  • Keeping track of office paperwork
  • Researching on current market trends
  • Lead generation and following up on prospective leads
  • Client database management: encoding and updating client information
  • Cold calling
  • Business communications: answering phone calls and emails
  • Online marketing and advertising: posting ads and answering queries on social media

When you have a virtual assistant handling the duties mentioned above, you’ll be able to focus on tasks where you’re needed most — these include building lasting client relationships, strengthening your branding, and strategising how to grow your business.

2. You’ll spend less on labor cost

Another advantage of outsourcing a virtual real estate assistant is its cost-effectiveness on your company budget. Having an outsourced virtual assistant for your real estate company will cost you 40% less than hiring an in-house administrative assistant.

Getting real estate virtual assistant services also means you won’t have to spend on additional office supplies and equipment such as a desktop or laptop and a mobile or landline phone. You won’t have to worry about utility expenses, employment taxes, social security fees, and other government-mandated benefits either, as your virtual assistant will be working remotely.

Here’s a case in point: if you were to hire a real estate virtual assistant from the Philippines, you’d be spending less on the expenses mentioned above. This allows your agency extra wiggle room with your finances than hiring a full-time employee locally.

The low labor cost in countries like the Philippines — as well as the flexible payroll terms you can negotiate with your virtual assistant — make outsourcing from other parts of the globe an ideal setup for your company.

3. You can focus on your clients

With a real estate virtual assistant handling your agency’s administrative tasks, you’ll be able to focus on more high-value tasks such as building stronger relationships with your clients. Delegating back-office responsibilities to your virtual assistant means you’ll have more time to visit on-site, engage with clients, and host events such as house tours.

4: Your business processes will be streamlined

Aside from handling administrative tasks, a real estate virtual assistant from a reputable outsourcing company is trained to streamline processes for greater efficiency. Having a problem-solver on your team will help your operations — and bottomline — in the long run.

5. A real estate virtual assistant is already trained to handle industry-specific tasks

When you outsource a real estate virtual assistant from a third-party company, you can expect that the virtual assistant has the communication and organisational skills necessary to accomplish their tasks.

You won’t have to go through the rigours of the recruitment process as your prospective real estate virtual assistant has already been screened and trained by their outsourcing company.

6. Your real estate virtual assistant can bring in a fresh perspective

Any new member of the team is a unique voice to be heard. Your real estate virtual assistant can contribute to your agency’s growth by bringing in their expertise to the table.

Whether managing your agency’s online presence, improving administrative processes, or coordinating your calendar, a real estate virtual assistant can potentially be a valuable asset to your company.

7. You’ll have more opportunities to scale your business

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant gives you more opportunity to focus on high-value tasks such as growing your listings and strategising how to scale your business.

8. You’ll be able to focus on your strengths

At its core, running a successful real estate agency means building trust and establishing long-lasting relationships with your clients. When you have a real estate virtual assistant on your team, you’ll be able to loosen your grip on smaller tasks and concentrate on what you do best such as client care and business management.

9. It can boost team productivity

With a real estate virtual assistant, your team will be able to work on their specific tasks without spreading themselves too thin. When team members are more focused and engaged, there’s a greater chance that they will be more productive with their output.

10. You’ll have a work-life balance

When you have a virtual assistant for your real estate agency, you’ll have extra time to spend on what matters most. Whether your number one priority is family, friends, or self-care, you’ll be able to free yourself sometime off of work when you have additional help on board.