How A Remote Secretary Can Simplify Your Business


How can one define a virtual secretary? Reliability is the name of the game when you’re a secretary. Whether you are a secretary to a particular boss or to an entire team. You are indispensable to them because you help ease their workload, provide administrative support and help them organize their schedule.

A remote secretary generally operates at an inferior level than a PA, with lesser responsibilities. They may support an individual manager or a group of managers, with a similar aim — to help them be more efficient, but the relationship will be less personal, less of a “front office” role and the tasks are more administrative. A secretary is often for a “back office” support.


Simplify Your Life

Now, a remote secretary is an independent contractor who is dedicated in helping businesses succeed by providing the same service required from an onsite support staff – except that, a she works from a remote office and uses his or her own equipment and software. Some of the tasks she can be responsible for are the following:

• Managing diaries and making appointments

• Booking rooms and travel arrangements

• Preparing and distributing papers and documents for meetings

• Taking minutes

• Drafting letters and preparing other documents, such as PowerPoint presentations

• Maintaining filing systems

• Answering the phone and responding to queries

• Photocopying and printing

• Using various office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint

• Maintains household, business, and social calendar

• Coordinates business meetings and business conferences

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, senior professionals like Doctors, Advocates, Chartered Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, CEOs, Senior Managers, Architects and anyone with too much to do will benefit from this service professional.


A remote secretary will take care of the other things while you do the ones that mostly need your expertise.

Doctors – Time is money. While you concentrate on your career, your remote secretary will organize your schedule and remind you of your appointments at different hospitals / clinics for consultation. You will then have more time to devote to your profession and avoid a perplex schedule. Save time, hire a remote secretary.

Lawyer – It just has to be delivered today. An attorney, who wants to expand his law firm services, spends his valuable time to get an affidavit or a citation typed. Save time by handing over such stenographical work to your remote secretary.

Auditors – Need more time to spend with clients. An auditor, who runs a decent setup with acquired clients, has to spend good amount of time with clients’ routine problems and communicate with various government organizations for possible solutions. Why should he spend his valuable time on running errands, reminding his/her clients for payment dues, or even book his own travel? A remote secretary can be of great help.

Business Owner / Entrepreneur – Make your time more effective & efficient. As a business owner or a solo entrepreneur, you most likely wear various hats to uphold the success of your business. Imagine if your calls are being answered by your remote secretary promptly, your clients will get a good feel about your company. She can also organize your calendar and will arrange meetings for you. Time saved is actually time added to your day. It would be of great advantage when most of the menial tasks can be delegated so that you can spend more time on strategic matters, which only you can work on.

She can also organize a conference call and circulate minutes of the call, to ensure all the topics discussed are documented and the employer doesn’t need to spend his valuable time on such less-important tasks.

Executives – Delegate your menial tasks to become productive. Every day, you meet several clients, convene with employees and talk to investors. A remote secretary acts as an office assistant. They can take charge of their bosses’ regular schedule and projects. A CEO who is organizing a business conference may ask his or her personal assistant to book the venue needed or to look for potential caterers for the event. Sometimes, a her job extends to non-professional errands such as arranging dinner meetings and making restaurant reservations.

Companies could even consider providing remote secretary services to their Sr. Management Team as a prerequisite to improve employee satisfaction scores. This will not only improve their productivity but they would also be more dedicated to the career and the workplace.

When enlisting the help of a remote secretary, there is no full time salary to pay and employee benefits is not a major concern. Hiring a one can be one of the best decisions you can make to uphold the success of your business.