Should I Replace my Virtual Assistant? 3 Important Questions

Thinking of replacing your virtual assistant? Hold on just a second. Maybe you don’t feel like the virtual service your assistant gives you is worth your investment. Or, you are thinking that you should get someone better who can give better services to you. Or, perhaps you doubt that the virtual service set-up will meet your expectations.

Since you don’t have the benefits of face-to-face communication, never assume what went wrong. You can always try something that may fix whatever conflict you encountered along the way.

Best Right Hand

Here are some questions an employer should ask while contemplating whether you should replace your virtual assistant or let her go:

1. Are my expectations too high?

The moment you decided to search for a virtual assistant, you already had an ideal image of a virtual assistant you would hire. Fortunately, you were able to find someone who suits what you want and need. For some reasons, you are now in that dilemma of whether to retain her virtual service or not.

What possibly went wrong?

Maybe your expectations. Was it realistic? Did you set the standard so high? Did you want an assistant or just a clone of yourself?

It is important to revisit your expectations. Unmet expectations may frustrate you a lot. Think if you allowed room for mistakes, or if you micromanaged everything out of your desperation for perfection.

2. Could this person succeed in other tasks?

If you hired her as a virtual administrative assistant and flunked your expectations, have you wondered if she could do well as a virtual legal assistant? What if perhaps she could? There’s no harm in giving second chances. After all, in a span of time, she at least has an idea on your expectations, needs and wants.

Take some time to observe where your assistant is good at. Maybe, she doesn’t even know her talent. Even without a face-to-face communication, you can notice those tasks she aces without breaking a sweat.

For example, if you asked her once to write an article you suddenly need, and she was able to submit it in just no time, perhaps she is a terrific copy writer. And yes, not an administrative assistant.

At least, you were able to discover something great about her. If you need that kind of talent, all the better.

The point is before you let your virtual assistant go, ask yourself if you placed her where she was able to use her natural strengths.

3. Is there a qualified replacement?

But if you are two-hundred percent sure to let your virtual assistant go, ask first if there is a qualified replacement for her. This is crucial especially if you are in the middle of projects.

You virtual assistant is important because she takes care of the many things you cannot do out of a hectic schedule – scheduling flights, setting appointments, answering questions, and a whole lot more.

Without a qualified replacer in mind, things may slip your hands pretty quickly. If you want to replace her, then do it in a good timing. Or else, you’ll find juggling all the workload all by yourself.

Your business is a lot of work. Virtual service is of great help to you because instead of doing some of the things you need to do, you can focus more on your business goals and direction. It’s also important to remember that one person realistically cannot do everything for you, especially a virtual assistant who is thousands of miles away from you.