Spreadsheet Creation & Management

Spreadsheets are a virtual workplace for those in the real estate business where details and the completeness of information on clients and prospects could spell the difference in realizing a sale. Access to numbers, figures and immediate calculations to update totals are also vital pieces of information to businesses. Small businesses that operate on cash flow have to be updated on the movement of their available cash sources.

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Spreadsheet creation & management can also be used to track down performance. If you are managing a group of agents, you have to develop a list of performance-based metrics, Key Performance Indicators or KPI’s that will be used as basis for assessing their contribution to the business. A spreadsheet can be formatted to support a KPI evaluation system. The cells in a spreadsheet can be manipulated to incorporate a formula that will automatically calculate the performance grade of an agent based on the composition of the KPI.

Advantages for using a spreadsheets in your business

  1. Organization

    A spreadsheet can be used for data storage. The rows and columns of a spreadsheet template can be customized to accommodate the information and purpose of your file. You can upload thousands of features and search qualities and adjust your viewing capacity by simply going through quick and easy program management processes. Even if you upload thousands of entries into the spreadsheet, you will be able to locate a specific name or category by entering a quality into the search query.

  2. Calculation

    As mentioned earlier, the cells in a spreadsheet can be manipulated to incorporate formulas that will run off a series of calculations once all the entries in the equation are filled out. It makes updating easier and faster. For small businesses with limited capital, having this feature allows them to track expenditures and plan for future transactions.

  3. Immediate Analysis

    Having a spreadsheet program makes it convenient to analyze figures and statistics because the cells can be adjusted to run various “what if” scenarios.  The spreadsheet becomes a virtual blackboard as the format can be revised to accommodate a side-by-side comparison between alternative courses of action. A popular scenario for businesses on a development cycle is to compare projections on income versus actual figures.

  4. Compatibility

    Spreadsheets have features that allow you to import data, text and image files from other sources; programs such as e-mail, word processing and slide presentation. A contact information spreadsheet can be used with its mail merge function to create form letters to prospects and clients.

  5. Presentation

    Spreadsheets have features that allow the user to create professional looking presentation materials. Import your spreadsheet data and apply unto any one of the available default formats for different types of charts and graphs or explain procedures with models that represent various processes and hierarchies. You can also customize the look of your presentation by selecting among the assortment of shapes and figures.


In the real estate business, tracking down figures and the results of the KPI are highly important to evaluate progress consistently. While spreadsheets are easy to use, it takes time to create the file. If your data base is large with a high volume of information, data entry alone would be a time-consuming process. Programming the cells to automatically calculate figures is an entirely different matter.


At Outsource Workers, we have virtual assistants who have the experience, expertise and competence to systemizing your real estate business, managing your data and figures in easy to use spreadsheet format.


Some of the items that can be tracked include:

  1. Number of listings
  2. Exclusive expiry dates
  3. Price reductions
  4. Offers
  5. Results for each month, quarter and year
  6. Appraisals per year
  7. Sales per month
  8. Commissions per month
  9. Days on market
  10. Open home numbers
  11. Where the inquiries are coming from
  12. Tracking of invoices


Our virtual assistants will make your work easier and less complicated by managing the bulk of your support requirements.

If you’re interested to learn more about our Spreadsheet Creation and Management services, visit our “Contact Us” page, drop us an e-mail or give us a call.