Being a real estate agent can be a fun and rewarding career. You can choose to work independently or work for a real estate agency or a licensed broker. Some real estate agent duties include property management, assisting buyers and sellers, analysing the real estate market, and much more.

Top real estate agents will tell you that it requires significant work to reach where they are in their careers. To become a top performer, you must know what makes expert agents tick.

Knowing the top reasons that make the leading real estate agents in Australia succeed can give you the headstart you can apply to your real estate career.



How To Be Successful In Real Estate

This post shares essential insights to help you become a successful real estate agent in your own right. These qualities and success factors common among industry top players can boost your performance whether you are new in your real estate career or have already closed several deals. Read on and learn the top tips to help you become a successful real estate agent.


1. Successful Real Estate Agents Are Always Available To Their Clients

Clients hate real estate agents who give them less than full attention. Typically, if you cannot be there when your current clients need you, you can as well kiss your future clients and profits goodbye!

Anyone interested in buying or selling properties would want to work with a real estate agent who will always take the call, disclose important information, maintain confidentiality, and provide a wide range of options. Successful real estate agents can multitask and are available to all the clients coming their way. You can hire real estate virtual assistants to take on administrative tasks, so you have plenty of time to meet and talk to your clients personally and handle other dollar productive tasks.


2. They Offer the Most Beneficial Advice To Clients

Do not just be after making a sale. A successful agent will advise the client based on careful real estate industry analysis. Put the client’s best interest first. Your clients will appreciate the extra mile you put in and will likely refer you to their friends and business associates.

For example, if a client wants to sell their property and comes to you, advise them based on the prevailing real estate market trends. If now is not a good time to sell, advise the client to hold their property and sell only when the market favours them. Helping your client maximise profits is one of the ways to strengthen the bond between you and get more real estate businesses along the way.


3. A Successful Real Estate Agent Knows The Local Market

Knowing your market helps you keep expectations in check – both yours and those of your clients. In addition, understanding the clients’ best interests helps you offer better advice based on market trends. You can evaluate similar properties and help your clients set the right price to sell the property at a profit and fast.

Besides, good agents use market analysis data to evaluate their performance over time. The data shows how many agents compete with you, their experience levels, and how you rank against them.


4. A Good Real Estate Agent Has A Marketing Plan In Place

One key reason a real estate agent succeeds in the business is putting a good marketing plan in place. A real estate marketing plan is a written guide to promoting your business. The marketing plan explains what campaigns you will run, when to implement them, and other details of how you will approach your marketing.

Ideally, the marketing plan can be the primary lead-generating tool. Eventually, the marketing plan establishes your business growth journey by ensuring you are getting clients. A real estate marketing plan focuses on:

  • Determining the business vision
  • Delegating responsibilities to your team members
  • Identifying the target clients
  • Mentioning the overall goals
  • Crafting a unique selling proposition
  • Performing competitive analysis

Marketing may involve creating a website and using social media to reach the target audience. Some of these tasks overwhelm most real estate agents, especially when they have dozens of clients and deadlines to meet.

Successful real estate agents hire real estate virtual assistants to help with the time-consuming admin tasks such as posting blogs or social media ads and analysing engagements on those platforms.


5. Excellent Realtors Are Self-Motivated Entrepreneurs

Being a self-motivator is what separates a successful real estate agent from the others. As an entrepreneur, you must trust yourself and focus on building your small realty business. Some approaches to self-motivation include getting inspiration from other agents and spending quality time reading their success stories. Have confidence in yourself and take responsibility for your choices and actions. Set goals for your virtual staff, and stay focused throughout the buying or selling process.


6. They Build A Network of Connections

Whether in property management or as a real estate broker, networking should be a priority. Proper networking helps you gain high-quality contacts who will also help you close deals. Regardless of how long you have been in the real estate industry, you ought to constantly focus on real estate networking. Being active in the local chamber of commerce and participating in professional networks are essential tips for growing your network as a new real estate agent.



7. They Hire Real Estate Virtual Assistants

One key secret practised by successful real estate agents is hiring a real estate VA to assist with the repetitive admin tasks. Real estate virtual assistants manage your social media presence. They post, design, and maintain real estate listings and help with the property search. As a result, you have ample time to attend important meetings and deliver on client requests.

Here are the top reasons for hiring a real estate virtual assistant:

  • Zero overhead cost
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduces the stress of handing admin tasks

Typically, having a real estate VA running your administrative tasks gives you the time to concentrate on productive tasks.



To build a successful real estate agency, focus on practices that give you an edge in your market. For instance, you must be there for your clients whenever they need you while focusing on attracting future clients. Hiring virtual staff is one way to handle these essential tasks efficiently.

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