Top 10 Reasons why you should hire a Virtual Assistant

If you read my very first blog, you will know how much of an impact my Virtual

Assistant has had on my Real Estate business. She is the backbone of my company

and I cannot imagine my day without her!

It’s interesting as many of my colleagues are hesitant in taking the plunge to

outsource their back-end tasks. I think as more and more companies become

comfortable with the idea and become aware of some of the benefits, outsourcing will

become the mainstream. Here are just ten benefits that I have noticed:

1. No Need for Training

Outsource Workers can supply Virtual Assistants already trained to do most of the

back end tasks most Real Estate Agents need done. Some of these tasks include:

* Prospecting

* Database maintenance & data entry

* Loading new listing to websites

* Brochures & window cards

* Email & SMS campaigns

* Photo enhancement

* Virtual tours

* Facebook, Twitter etc.

2. Significantly Lower Labour Cost

Most traditional assistants cost over $30 per hour with the inclusion of sick pay,

holiday pay, taxation, superannuation, insurances etc.

A Virtual Assistant from Outsource Workers costs just $7 per hour including GST and

you only pay for the actual number of hours worked.

You do not have to pay:

* Sick leave

* Recruitment costs

* Office space costs

* Superannuation

* Employee insurance

* Furniture & computer costs

* Work cover

* Leave loading

3. Focus On The $100 Per Hour Tasks

A friend put things in to perspective a while back. He said if you are doing tasks that

you can get someone else to do for $7 per hour guess what… you are actually the

one working for $7 per hour!

The sooner you outsource those tasks to a Virtual Assistant, the sooner you can

focus your time on the $100 per hour tasks.

Think about this- 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. Therefore why

not just focus on that 20%?

4. Track Each Completed Task

Each Virtual Assistant is monitored on a daily basis by one of our management team

members using state of the art software that tracks exactly which tasks your Virtual

Assistant is working on and how long it takes to complete.

A daily report is generated showing the following:

* Time & task tracking

* Webpage monitoring

* Screen shot recordings every 3 minutes

This system shows exactly what your Outsource Worker is doing so you will not

spend time wondering about what is going on when you are not there.

5. Great Work Ethic & University Educated

All of our Filipino Virtual Assistants are university educated or have previous office

and corporate backgrounds. English is their second language however it is taught

and spoken from a very early age so their written and oral skills are excellent.

We hire staff from the Philippines for a number of very good reasons.

* Cost

* Reliability

*Work Ethic

If your Virtual Assistant has a sick day (which is extremely rare) payment is not

required. Most employees will make up the lost productivity after hours or on the


Filipino staff take immense pride in their work and their work ethic is second to none.

Their systematic approach and time management skills are exceptional.

6. Part-Time Or Full-Time

If you do not need a Virtual Assistant on a full-time basis, we can provide part-time

Virtual Assistants who can work 20 hours per week. We will be happy to upgrade

you to a full-time worker when you see the huge difference they can make in the


Once you realise all the different tasks that can be outsourced, you will start to

redesign your business around your new employee.

Depending on the size of your business, it might not be long until you have a team of

Virtual Assistants!

7. Better Work/Life Balance

If you are finding it more and more challenging to juggle the demands of your job and

the rest of your life, you’re not alone.

We recommend writing down every task you do each day and then go through that

list and decide which of those tasks you could outsource to a fully trained Virtual


You’ll be amazed at how many hours each week you can essentially “take back” to

spend doing more important things in life.

8. Productivity

As the Virtual Assistant works in a home-based office, precious time and money

is not wasted on office politics, socialising over never ending cigarette and coffee

breaks or personal issues. With a Virtual Assistant you only pay for what they

actually do.

9. No Risk

No risk of unfair dismissal, harassment or discrimination law suits.

10. Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with your Outsource Worker at anytime, bring it to our

attention and we will either replace them, or end your agreement immediately. If in

the first month you decide outsourcing is not for you, we will refund every cent.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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