Top 3 Tasks For Your Virtual Staff

Outsourcing has been around for a long time already and the positive comments and feedback is truly overwhelming. Business owners who have worked with virtual staff have testified how they’ve reduced costs and become more productive.

If you are just starting out or growing a business, like other entrepreneurs, you’re no doubt spending long hours accomplishing daily tasks.  Like other business owners, you too might be a perfectionist. Most of the time, there are certain tasks or projects that only you can handle. BUT, you need also to know that there are a lot of tasks that you shouldn’t even think about or get involved with.

Below would be the top three tasks that you, as a business owner, should not be doing.

1. Graphic Design

We understand you being a perfectionist, but unless you’re an expert or you really know what you are doing, this task should be handed to an expert. Otherwise, you’ll just spend a lot of your time and be disappointed of the outcome of your own work.

You can choose to outsource the project to virtual staff with expertise in web design and web development. Working with  virtual staff to accomplish this project will help you save more time and will give you more opportunity to do more important tasks. You just have to be really clear on how you would want your page to look like. Let virtual staff member work on your business logo and page content while you focus more on income generating tasks.

2. Online Marketing

Online marketing nowadays is one of the most vital factors in promoting business. But this is also one of the most tedious tasks. If you wish to create a network online, you can’t just do this task once. You need to do this on a daily basis.  And if you are planning to do this by yourself, then think again. You might just be a complete disaster.

Virtual staff on the other hand can handle all of these tasks for you – specifically SEO experts. You can stay updated and active online through the help of a virtual SEO staff member.  Entrust these SEO tasks to those people who have wide knowledge in creating traffic and all the online trends. Online marketing is always a smart strategy especially for a starting or growing a business.

Also remember that it is important for customers that you are prompt in attending their queries. Virtual staff can handle that for you.

Task for your Virtual Assistant

3. Daily Clerical tasks

Upon getting your business exposed online, expect tons of emails and queries everyday and guess what? You need to reply to all of those. You also need to update your social media pages, update your website content, do all the boring paper work, etc, etc. Tiring? Definitely is. But things are very simple nowadays.

Handling these tasks to virtual staff can help you free yourself from burn out or stress. You can let you virtual staff handle your emails, respond to customers queries, update your page or do all the back office tasks. You on the other hand can take care of core tasks such as building and maintaining client relationship, developing business strategies, etc.

At first, working with a team who is miles away from you would appear to be a risk. But eventually, as you get to buy yourself more time to focus on other more important tasks, you’ll definitely realize the value of virtual staff. It will mean, spending less time and money yet attaining better results for your growing business.