Running a business as lucrative as real estate is no easy feat. Open houses, closing deals, billings, and office documentations could easily take up a full day’s work that stretches even up to the wee hours and weekends.

For a realtor to scale and focus on closing deals, back-end support is a must. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself always buried under the papers. This is where virtual real-estate assistants become a crucial help.

Low deposit home loan providers at Bowen Property Centre are grateful for the help and value provided by their real estate virtual assistant. Head of operations Gemma Fern said, “With the right tools of the trade, apps, reliable electric power, and internet connection, real estate virtual assistants are your go-to person for the administrative tasks so realtors could focus on increasing sales.”

Keep reading to know more about the fantastic benefits of having a real estate virtual assistant.

Administrative Task Assistance

Probably one of the direct and obvious benefits of having a real estate virtual assistant is to help you with administrative tasks such as email management, appointment setting, CRM updates, various research, and tons of paperwork. They also keep your prospects connected and maintain a clean and properly filtered email while keeping track of meetings and important events.

It’s also worth mentioning that most virtual assistants are jack of all trades. They have superb research skills that could help you check out competitors and keep up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

Zero Overhead Cost

Spend no more on office rents, utility bills, and office supplies. Having a real estate virtual assistant can spare you a budget without compromising the required output. Most real estate virtual assistants have extensive portfolios and no longer need in-depth training. More importantly, since they work remotely, you can also save on team buildings and other face-to-face programs.

Zero Taxes and No Payroll Paperwork

Outsourced workers manage their taxes. Real estate virtual assistants also do not need the complicated and usual payroll since they can be paid by the hour of service. Also, benefits such as social security and insurance are optional. 

Increased Productivity

Rockstar real estate virtual assistants use time trackers, which help achieve a fast turnaround time. With zero to minimal guidance, they produce outputs and meet quotas quickly while your core team concentrates on scaling the business.

Trust a real estate virtual assistant to increase sales conversion. They act as additional ‘salespeople’ in generating leads, organizing listings, and keeping the prospects engaged.

Flexible Work Hours

Flexible Work Hours

A real estate virtual assistant’s work schedule can be arranged according to your desired time and date, unlike traditional employment. Most remote workers are “on-call” and can be reached anytime via mail or any online communication tools.

Reduce Stress

All work and no play? Take that overdue vacation and long trips. With real estate virtual assistants in the team, you can improve your mental health by spending more quality time with family and friends. After all, they are the reasons why you’re hustling.

Where To Find the Best Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Skip the complex recruitment phase and process. Real Estate Virtual Assistants have highly skilled remote workers who can start immediately. Plus, a team leader onboards once you decide to hire their services. The team leader assures that everything in the business will run smoothly while you sleep.

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