Virtual Assistant Services For Tracking Other Agent’s Sales And Rental Listings

tracking other agents

One the really great things your virtual assistant can do is to track your competitors sales and rental listings and systematically record how long they have been on the market.

A strategy can then be put in place to send out letters and emails at the correct time. Tasks can then be set for the agent to make calls following up on the previous activities. All the correspondence is then recorded in the database.

This prospecting strategy is an absolute winner and can be fully automated producing incredible results.

The property market continues to enjoy steady growth despite unpredictable economic conditions worldwide. Thus, competition in the real estate industry remains tight.

In a tightly contested market, you need every advantage you can get. Information on pricing and market activity are very important and getting this type of information can be challenging. It requires experience, skill and time to navigate various websites to retrieve this data.

We offer virtual assistance services for tracking other agent’s sales and rental listings.

data for effective analysis. You will be able to design strategies that will yield better, more productive results.
This is an effective strategy for prospecting which can be completely automated.