How To Train Your Virtual Assistant -VA and PA

Training is one of the most crucial stages in engaging with outsource services. Training a virtual PA can take a lot of time but the moment you successfully get through this part, you’ll get the results you are expecting – More productivity, more time and more money.

One major cause of disappointment to entrepreneurs when hiring a virtual pa is that they think that this person comes ready for everything that they want them to do. A virtual pa is a human being and not  software. You need to spend some time to train them to get things going.

Virtual Assistant (VA) Training

Below are some tips on how to train your virtual pa so you don’t get stuck on this stage.

Be clear with their roles

What are the responsibilities she needs to fulfill? What are the skills that the VA should possess to fulfill the role? Through answering these questions you can appropriately delegate tasks to your virtual pa. You will need be clear in giving her instructions.

Set  Goals and Expectations with your VA

Setting goals and expectations is important in starting up a successful virtual business. How much will you pay? When will you pay? How will you pay? How will you track progress for each task? These could be few of the expectations you cover with your virtual pa. It is also important to share the urgency of each task so she can adjust on what to do first and which should be done last.

Don’t assume your virtual pa knows everything

This is the prime reason why you are training them. You have to be patient. You can’t expect your VA to understand all the terms you are using. You can start by letting them know the goals of your business.  You really have to be clear and concise.

You may also try sending written instructions via email so your VA may have something to refer to whenever unsure of the task. Create step by step instructions for each task, it may take a little effort in the beginning but in time, you’ll be reaping the benefits.

Audio or video recordings can be a great help too. You can record a video while you are doing the task that they need to do. Video or audio recordings can be used as reference too.

Screen Sharing is a common and effective way to train VA’s. You can use various apps like Teamviewer, Google Hangouts, or even Skype. You can share your screen to your virtual pa while you show how to do the tasks you need to hand to them. Sessions can also be recorded for future references.

Training may need time, effort, and patience. But the moment your VA learns the things that you want them to do, all your efforts will be rewarded.