4 Interesting Things to Outsource To Your Virtual Assistant

Isn’t it amazing to think that your virtual assistant can help you live a longer and happier life? Well of course, she (or she) does a lot of things for you despite the great geographical and time distance. Think about how she makes the calls, e-mails and appointments, aside from juggling all the paperworks and documents. Yes, she is definitely earning money (because nobody else will be your assistant out of voluntary goals) but she is making your life a lot easier. She’s not just a means to an end.

If you think virtual assistants are just for secretarial or clerical services, think again. Your virtual assistant is actually almost your clone. Sort of. She can do everything you do – as long as the virtual world conspires to enable her to do so, like a good and fast internet connection. But first, you need to keep in mind that tasks for your virtual assistant need not to be boring.

In fact, here are interesting things you can ask your virtual assistant to do for you which can make her say, “I can be that!”


“I’m the messenger.”

Let her answer your e-mails. Of course, leave some messages for yourself like that confidential e-mail from Company X about your business partnership of milking cows in Switzerland… or something like that. For better organization, create a separate e-mail address for each personality you put on in your life. For instance, that yourfullnamehere@gmail.com is suited for everyday e-mails such as updates from your subscription, social media, and promotions. Your yournamehere@company.com is more formal and fit for business talks. You can give the first e-mail to your virtual assistant for management purposes, alerting you only when crucial e-mails are sent to it. And you can also set-up a personal email, which should contain your most confidential emails.

“I’m the travel agent.”

So you are planning for the ultimate vacation ever? Why not leave it to your virtual assistant? Just send her a message which says, “Hi, VA! (Of course, state the name.) I’m planning for the ultimate spectacular vacation for me and my family. Can you help me do it?” The only thing you need to do is to make sure the instructions are clear: searching sites for your next grandeur family getaways, evaluating ideal locations, inquiring to hotels and resorts, booking flights, estimating costs and finally pretending to be a tourist guide for you. The downside? She will know what you did last summer – be it dancing Hawaiian hula or tanning your skin in Boracay.

“I’m the order-taker.”

Forget about last year when you and your wife’s anniversary slipped out from your head into the land of nowhere. Forget about how much she hated you when you came home and she asked “How’s your day, darling?” and you just answered “Just a normal day, darling. Why?” Forget about the slap and how she burst into tears. That won’t happen ever again. Your hero? No other than your virtual assistant. Congrats!

Make your virtual assistant order birthday/anniversary gifts for your wife or mom or kids so you don’t look like an overly busy jerk that forgets important dates. This is also a good way to enjoy life – asking her to order things you need on Amazon while you conveniently wait at your doorstep.
But of course, there’s one thing left to remember: the bills.

“I am you – in the illusions of Cyberspace.”

Have her schedule fun and witty Facebook posts for your personal profile. It will make you appear so intelligent, witty and opinionated person. Also, it shows other people that you have life outside the office. Who wouldn’t want that? You can also ask her to tweet on your behalf, and yes, for the same reasons stated. Your virtual assistant has the chance to be you. Thanks technology! On the other hand, you are on your road to become a respected online influencer. Win-win!

See? There’s fun in having (or being if you’re one) a virtual assistant.