The 9 Best Social Media Management Tools for 2014

Social media advertising is rapidly turning into the titan gorilla in the internet marketing scene. A large portion of clients are occupied with social media, so it requires an entrepreneur to have a social media presence to keep up with all your clients and promote your business. What you need are tools to improve your social media administration, so here are 9 of the best you can use for your business:

1. Social Media Management

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The first tool that each administrator ought to have is a social media management application. The two most prevalent names are Hootsuite and Tweetdeck. These applications permit you to screen the majority of your social media channels, convey correspondences, screen the social media conversation about your organisation and follow trending discussions.

2. Social Mentions

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Tools like Mention monitors the social chatter over the majority of the social media platforms and brings to your attention discussions about you or your organisation. It has straightforward controls to turn sources both on and off, alarm messages that take you straight to the source as opposed to an alternate interface, dashboards to screen statistics, and more.

3. Make a Tidal Wave

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Swayy is a tool that serves to truly create a tsunami of traffic. It offers a straightforward dashboard that drops articles directly in your various social media channels without a moment’s delay.

4. Pictures Are Everything

With social media, the most obvious thing that gets individuals’ attention is the image thumbnail. Compfight allows social media administrators to search on the popular image offering tool Flickr and use a picture to be used for your thumbnail.

Social Media Management Tools

5. Online Content Exposure


Content is so important, and Tagboard is a tool that allows you to keep up to date with the freshest write ups. It screens hashtags and provides you information on trending stories. This is an extraordinary approach to get ideas for making creating new articles.

6. Remove the Noise


Manageflitter is a great tool that serves to channel out the larger part of the noise from Twitterscape. It helps social media administrators discover relevant people, deal with your followers, calendar tweets, screen keywords, and provide statistics.

7. Keeping Up


You need to ensure that you stay reactive to your competitors. Socialbakers permits you to screen your brand in correlation to your rivals. You can identify what is working for your competitors to help you make decisions on your business. A great tool for social media administrators.

8. Plan It


You would prefer not to communicate sporadically so it is best to utilise a tool like Post Planner, which helps you to spread out your messages so that the messages are posted at ideal times.

9. Investigate


There is no use running a marketing campaign if you don’t track the results. Komfo permits social media administrators to deal effectively with statistics so you can better comprehend what is occurring in your campaigns.

When you are just starting to build your online presence, it may not seem as overwhelming. However, once you gain traction and accumulate a large following or start to handle multiple accounts at once — it may not be as simple as it once was. When you star to feel like your drowning in your social media duties, aside from the other things that you are doing for your business, it’s always good business sense to hire a virtual social media assistant. These virtual assistants will help sustain and grow your online presence while you focus on the more important things.

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