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Find And Hire A VA From The Philippines

One of the main reasons for using a virtual assistant is that it allows us to focus on the dollar productive tasks as opposed getting bogged down with all the time consuming back end admin.

Once we have identified the things we want to outsource to a virtual assistant, we can then concentrate on our core activities.

Economically it makes sense to delegate as many of your tasks to the lowest paid person as it’s pretty hard to go wrong if you can get the same quality of work completed for just $7 per hour.

Many agents would love to hire an aussie based personal assistant but at $40,000 a year, for a lot of people it’s just not an affordable option.

Hiring a virtual assistant based in the Philippines is a great idea for anyone that needs that little bit extra help with out having to hire someone at $20 or $30 per hour.

Our virtual assistants come already trained in the real estate basics and are available part time or full time.

Using virtual staff means that you don’t have to find room for another person or supply a computer or any of the other costs associated with expansion such as superannuation or taxation.

A virtual assistant uses their own computer, internet, phone and pays their own insurances etc.

Fears & Objections

It’s human nature to have a bit of fear or anxiety around a subject that is relatively new.

One concern some clients have initially is how to communicate with their Virtual assistant.

I’ve found that using Skype and screen sharing software works well, especially when showing new tasks.

Once you have the systems in place, using email or Skype chat is another great way to communicate.

Initially security of my data was a big concern for me. In the beginning I only allowed my VA limited access to certain programs.

The great thing with most of the cloud based CRM’s is that you can set your VA up with their own log in and limit their access to only the areas you want them to be able to access.

Some clients have asked how do we know that they are actually working when they are not physically in the office.

We run software on each virtual assistant’s computer which tracks what tasks they are working on, how long it takes to complete those tasks and how many hours they have worked each day.

By nature the Filipino people are very honest and hardworking employees who take pride in their work.

Like most employees, as time goes on and their skills improve, your confidence and trust in them will grow also.

A lot of people have heard of outsourcing but just don’t know where to start.

We offer a fair bit of support and guidance in helping new clients to identify what is possible as well as helping them with setting up systems to get their VA productive as quickly as possible.

Why the Philippines

There are many reasons why the Philippines is fast becoming the number one place to outsource to.

In fact demand for Philippines Offshore services is growing at over 30% per year (which is faster than India).

The Filipino people are renowned for being very hardworking and trusted employees.

English is a national language and they are the 3rd largest English-speaking nation in the world with 93% literacy rate.

English is the primary language for business and education in the Philippines.

The Philippines has a culture that is very compatible with Western society due largely to over 500 years of Spanish and American influences.

For the eastern states of Australia the time zone works well as they are just two hours behind us.

Generally when we’re working, so are they.

Unlike Australia, the red tape in the Philippines is very minimal which allows us to expand our business’s with very few headaches around legal and compliance issues.

Choosing to work with a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines makes perfect sense for any employer who wants to minimise their overhead costs and at the same time receive quality work.

What can they a Filipino Virtual assistant do

I generally recommend before someone gets a virtual assistant that they identify which tasks you want to outsource.

There are some tasks that that you shouldn’t outsource but there are plenty that you can.

With real estate these days, there are so many data entry tasks so that’s generally a good place to start.

Many agents tell me that data basing is another area that they feel they’d like help with.

Some agents are outsourcing:

  • Sales & rental agreements
  • Email campaigns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social Media
  • Enhancing photographs
  • Window cards & brochures
  • Virtual Tours
  • Newsletters
  • Uploading Listings & Maintaining Websites
  • Vendor reports
  • Past Client Marketing
  • Search engine optimisation

With the right training, a good VA should be able to complete most of the tasks that a normal office based assistant usually does.

With today’s technology, there really isn’t much they can’t do.

Hire only the best Virtual Assistants in the world. You’ll only then realise that you just have made the successful solution to your business needs.

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