Virtual Assistant – Staying In Shape In A Virtual World

Others think that when you land a virtual assistant job, you earn a lot; well they are correct. However, what they aren’t aware of is the daily dose of stress that comes with a virtual assistant job. Especially when we have loads of tasks on a deadline. This kind of stressed life can often times yield unhealthy consequences if we don’t do something about it.

That is why the health of a virtual assistant must not be neglected! Because of this, I would like to share something very important for other virtual assistants out there like me. We don’t devote long hours working only to spend what we earn in paying the doctor’s fees or medicines every time we get sick due to extreme amount of stress.


Life with a Virtual Health Assistant

So let’s take a quick break and have a moment to assess ourselves by getting to know the word N-E-W-S-T-A-R-T that would help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A virtual assistant needs… N for Nutrition.

n for nutrition

Studies show that people who spend more time in front of computer screens manifest muscle aches, insomnia, stress and fatigue. Exposure to screen radiation can also result to dry and wrinkled skin, an effect known as “photo aging”. This is a typical day for a virtual assistant; long hours of sitting in front of the computer doing admin tasks for their clients. This fact tells us that the health of a virtual assistant is at risk and it does hit us. Apparently, food can relieve stress but we must also consider that it’s not all about making ourselves full but we have to choose the food that would help boost our immune system as well. Let us not forget to always include fruits and vegetables on our daily diet. We know that they can be helpful as antioxidants and can give us vitamins and minerals that boosts our immunity to avoid getting sick. I believe no one wants to work with an unresponsive body due to illness.

E is for Exercise.

e for exercise

This is something that we should not miss every day. Others may think that exercise can be tiring but they don’t know that regular physical activity can reduce the risks of diseases. It doesn’t really need to be fancy like Taebo or Zumba or even strenuous activities like lifting at the gym. Even an afternoon walk as an exercise will do. This activity is beneficial especially to the health of a virtual assistant since the work is plainly sitting the whole day facing radiation which is totally unhealthy. So get up and spare some time to flex your extremities. Believe me, your heart would love this and you’ll just wake up one morning feeling so relieved from yesterday’s work.

W is for Water.

Virtual Assistants face the everyday challenge of doing menial tasks which can be really boring. Most of the time we feel sleepy especially if what we’re doing is already a routine. Countless yawning that usually distracts us in tracking the development of our tasks. It’s probably the lack of oxygen in your brain. Our brain consists of 90% water and if we are dehydrated it will affect our brain’s performance which then causes us to feel sleepy. It also plays an important role in detoxifying our bodies and helping our organs to absorb nutrients that we get from the food we take. So make it a habit to drink 6-8 glasses of waters a day, as prescribed by our health experts.

S is for Sunlight.

Are you still able to see the sunlight? We need sunlight to energize our body; we already have the Vitamin D and for this to be beneficial, we need sunlight to synthesize the Vitamin D in our skin. There is a hormone called serotonin that results from exposure to daylight. Studies show that moderately high serotonin levels result in more positive moods and calmness while having a focused mental outlook – and this is what everybody needs to stay productive and alert. One of the perks of being a virtual assistant is that you can work at home and everything is very accessible. This can be beneficial – but only if one doesn’t neglect his or her health. Waking up early to do some stretching under the sun wouldn’t hurt, so why not try?

T is for Temperance.

When you are physically healthy some aspects of your life must also be given equal attention in order to regard yourself as completely able-bodied. An example of this is our Spiritual health; it must not be neglected. Webster defines temperance as moderate in action, thought or feelings. It can also be synonymous to restraint. Having this quality showcases an overall well being. We must know when to restrain ourselves from doing the things that may hinder our concentration and may result to a poor quality of our work. The challenge is to decide which activity we must do in moderation and which to avoid totally.

A is for Air.

Virtual Assistant (Staying In Shape) - Air

This is not just a typical type of air but it should be the fresh kind of air. Research shows that the word fresh – negatively ionized – air helps in keeping our mood jovial and positive. Aside from that, it is also beneficial to virtual assistants for it helps the brain to function properly as it needs about 20% of our body’s oxygen to function. We can think better and therefore have a sharper mind and memory. It also helps in clearing our minds and improves our concentration.

R is for Rest.


Everybody needs rest and this is one of the things that are vital to a good health. Our bodies need ample rest to maximize its potential. The degree of work we do each day must be compensated by a fair amount of rest in order to meet the need of our daily tasks and activities. In applying the principle of “wear and tear”, our bodies are like machines; if we keep on using them and not subsequently putting it to a rest, it will eventually malfunction or deteriorate. We all need to exercise regularly and have enough sleep to help our bodies and our brains work together effectively. When we take a rest, our body recovers and refuels to be ready for the next day’s challenge.

Lastly is the letter T for Trust.


Everything is possible if we trust God and we can have that trust if we are spiritually inclined to Him. Let us not forget that we can only possess success in everything if we put God first. So before you start anything during the day, spare at least 15 minutes of our time talking to Him, thanking Him for the life we enjoy, for experiencing a good health and for the blessings – the work that you are having as a virtual assistant.

We are emotional, psychological, intellectual, social and spiritual beings. The development of these elements that comprises who we are greatly relies on the condition of our body. We are willing to spend lots of time and energy for work. It’s important to work hard, but giving your body a break is also a crucial part of achieving strength and endurance. We often receive a great deal of enjoyment, fulfillment, and a positive atmosphere about life and even ourselves. However, let us keep in mind that the greatest source of happiness, joy, and satisfaction comes not only from our relationship with others. It comes, first and foremost, from our relationship with ourselves.

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