4 Steps To Strategizing With Your Virtual Assistant

Around 1995, virtual assistant services became available due to computer technology and corporate downsizing. The virtual service industry kept growing since then. You can rely on your virtual assistant for implementing and maintaining business administration processes, brainstorming, marketing, research, and even business strategizing no matter how great the distance.

Virtual assistants provide you much more than just secretarial or office support services. They are adept in different skills relevant to your business. With them, you are assured that they have the company’s best interest in mind. For one, they are able to develop a personal relationship with you despite the distance. This relationship is based on trust and mutual respect.

If you are thinking of doing business strategy with your virtual assistant, here are 4 steps you must follow.

Set a schedule for your meeting

Time zone is an important factor especially if your virtual assistant lives oceans away from you. Talk with him or her about the best time. It must be a mutual advantage. What’s the point of strategizing together if one of you is already exhausted? It’s pretty certain that a discussion out of exhaustion will do your business no good. Set a time when both of you are in the best state to brainstorm and work together. You will be surprised at the good results you can have.

Give your virtual assistant time to prepare

Of course, nobody wants to be notified of a meeting at the last minute – unless it’s an emergency. But for a brainstorming? It’s best to give your virtual assistant days so he or she can prepare his or her ideas, insights and proposals. A prepared virtual assistant contributes more to business strategy planning. He or she can do some research ahead of the scheduled date, get opinions from experts, and compare the industry’s best practices. Aside from maximizing the time for your set meeting, you also further develop his or her skills in business planning, research and presentation. See? That’s another mutual advantage.

Choose tools convenient for both of you

Well, you have e-mail and Skype so tools should not be a problem to you. You can also use social media and other applications like Google Now, Mynd, Calendar5 and Meeting Assistant. It depends on how you utilize those tools. Just make sure your virtual assistant is also adept in using it, especially if you are going to introduce another tool.

Ways To Start Your Virtual Assistant Business

Set a date for his or her reports.

After a perfect brainstorming session, set a date for updates. It’s a general rule to give him or her time for preparation. But it is important that you give updates so both of you can discuss the expectations from the output. Yes, you had great business strategies, but they will only count successful after the implementation. Also, it is smarter that you keep your options open even after the brainstorming. You never know when a good follow-up idea may pop inside your head.

Strategizing with your virtual assistant is not hard at all. You only need to find the right ways on how to do it and you can expect the best from your effort and time.