3 Reasons Why Hiring Virtual Staff Is Better Than Office Staff

How does one measure dedication and commitment? These two are very important virtues that an employee should possess to ensure a productive image to a client. Different people have different ways to motivate and inspire themselves to work and be productive. I’ve read so many blogs and articles about such topics until I came across a statement, reiterating the dedication of those people who work from home, remote staff as they call it.

Outsource Workers AU - Office Vs Virtual Staff

More and more comments state that these people show more dedication and commitment for their job. Though there were still some who say that these home-based workers miss interaction among other employees, and miss the personal growth by mingling with people, below will be a comparison between virtual assistants and a normal office employee which business owners might want to spend time reading and consider.

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Less Supervision

A normal office employee would regularly go to his office, because without his presence he’ll be considered absent and unproductive for that day. His tasks are confided at his office with his boss regularly checking on it.

A remote staff member merely works from home. His client will leave him tasks to finish while the client can go out and do more tasks without the worries or the need to supervise his employee. At the end of the day, the client will just gather the already finished task from his remote staff. He accomplishes his tasks with less supervision needed from his client.


A remote staff is given a task with a corresponding time frame to finish the job. Thus, his working time should be well managed to assure his client that all urgent tasks are accomplished. A remote staff works from home which gives him a more peaceful, relaxed, and less distractive environment – one of the biggest factor of being a productive employee. Add the fact that he works alone, thus minimizing the entire babbling thing among other employees which most of the time delays work.


Since a virtual staff member has a well managed schedule, he can work a number of different tasks every day thus making use of his working hours properly making him a productive employee.

Cost Effective

This applies to both parties, the client and his remote staff. Remote employees are paid less compared to traditional office workers. No need to worry about office or equipment maintenance as well. One of the many reasons why hiring a virtual employee is now a hit to a number of businesses, using the power of internet to promote and develop their companies.

A virtual staff member, on the other hand, also spends less because food and transportation allowances are cut down as he works right at his own home. This new work set up has given a win-win relationship between the client and the remote staff.

Undeniably, a lot of businesses are still afraid to leave the traditional way of hiring an employee, as they still see a virtual employee as unreliable and unaccountable, but as the new business era arises, more and more businesses jumps off the traditional way and follow the trend of doing business using the world wide web and hire employees they don’t personally meet.

With the many benefits of hiring a remote staff, more business industries today find a new way to earn and save money through the advent of the internet. And as virtual employees make their ways on the business industry, jobseekers and even professionals are now considering working at home as a long term career.

And as more and more remote staffs show dedication and commitment to their jobs, these practices beckons clients to trust and believe that they can actually rely on virtual employees.

Truly, dedication and commitment are great factors in achieving success. Creating a team of dedicated people will sure put the business into a lift – a team where everyone is committed to work with or without anybody watching over, and people who work for a common goal of reaching the desired success. One dedicated employee can definitely make a good team player. As he works hard, he pushes everyone else on the team to work hard too, thus achieving the company’s goal. One can never work hard without getting tired though, but the remedy is love of work. That is doing what you love and loving what you do. Dedication therefore, is not just all about working hard or pushing your limits but loving your work as well in the process, as there could be no great work done than the one accomplished with love and dedication. Something that both a remote and an in-house staff should definitely posses.

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