Virtual assistants can manage a medical or mental health office

virtual assitants for medical and health business

As a doctor or therapist, you see how hard it could be to keep your office manpowered to handle the needs of your patients, without over-staffing and blowing out your expenses. However, contracting a talented right hand to work remotely is often the ideal choice. Virtual assistants (or VA’s) take care of numerous staffing issues, since they are accessible on an as-required premise, giving you help with a mixture of errands. It is like having an extra set of working hands. Here are ways on how a VA can help in your medical practice.

• Numerous doctors want to take patient notes on the go utilising a recorder or application for the iPhone or other smart phones. The VA can transcribe these records and transform them into simple to-peruse archives. There are online transcriptions services that you can use for the document to be deciphered and the record will be ready within 24 hours. Your VA can then take that document and add to the patient chart.

Virtual assistants can provide many of the services of a receptionist. Answering calls live as they were in your office, they can also return calls to patients or call for appointment reminders. It is now easier for VA’s to fit in the medical practice since the birth of online systems.


• A Virtual Assistant can also manage your website and social media accounts and keep it up to date. More patients turn to these sources these days to be informed in the health or medical field, so it is important to keep them updated. Medical professionals really focus on their job and patients most of the time, thus, giving them no extra time to do any social media updates or visibility. Leaving it to a virtual assistant who can manage social media is the best choice. Here are a few tips in hiring a social media VA :


• There are tons of paperwork involved in operating a demanding medical practice including patient files. A virtual assistant can handle the organising and/or filing to keep data easy to access.

payable & payroll

• Highly skilled VA’s can help with accounting tasks such as accounts payable and payroll. This will let your other staff members focus more on customer service and patient care. Many VA’s are also proficient in medical coding and billing.

• Virtual assistant billers use online invoicing software to provide billing services in a more efficient way, allowing you to oversee your business better than dealing with the reports provided by local or traditional medical charging services.

Apparently, there are various ways that a VA can improve the routine operations of medical practice. Hire a Virtual Assistant to streamline your office function and make life easier for you and your employees. Outsourcing services in the medical field has been a great help as proven and has made lives easier and tasks done faster yet accurate .

How Can You Benefit From a Medical Virtual Assistant?

Overall, outsourcing in the global healthcare has given a great impact to both the medical field and the economy.

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