Virtual Assistants – The One-stop Shop For Your Business Needs


The web is now overflowing with virtual assistants and many are wondering why they exist. There are several people who are willing to work in your office so why choose virtual assistants? The answer is pretty simple. Getting virtual assistance can help you minimise your expenditures aside from the fact that it will also save you time because you won’t have to check with your staff from time to time. They are usually employed by reputable outsourcing agencies that use web-based monitoring and managerial systems

Virtual assistant jobs vary and are contractual. They also do their jobs in the comforts of their own homes. The tasks are similar to those of in house secretaries or executive assistants, but most of them have specializations.


How to Find a Virtual Assistant


Here are some tasks that you can have your virtual assistant do.

1. Write or upload blogs

This kind of skill is rare. They will have to write quality articles for your website. You need to make sure that the person you hire has outstanding writing skills and the blogs should be conversational.

2. Respond to your emails and manage your contacts

You can save time by letting a virtual assistant organise your emails. He/she will sort them for you. Just give the guidelines on how to classify your emails and consider it done.

3. Book your travel and update your calendar

Keeping tabs on your schedule and booking your travel can easily be done through virtual assistance. Your virtual assistant can book hotels, buy your airline tickets, and schedule your trips. There are of course, a lot of calendars available online that you can share with them so all you need to do is check your schedule each day and synchronize them with your personal schedule as well.

4. Do research and compile your files

This is a very easy task for someone who is internet savvy. You can have them gather information on potential clients or employees and subsequently compile them in spreadsheets.

5. Handle phone calls

You can have your calls forwarded to your virtual assistant on specific hours when you are going out of town or you can have him/her do follow-up calls to your customers/clients on your behalf. You could even have your voicemails organised for you.

6. Help hire potential employees

Hiring can be tiring, but you can get virtual assistance to facilitate interviews and applicant screening.

7. Manage your social media accounts

Get more prospects through marketing using social media to acquire more followers with the help of your virtual assistant.

8. Bookkeeping

There are lots of web-based bookkeeping systems that you can use and share the login to your virtual assistant to keep tabs on the financial aspect of your business.

9. Data Entry

This task can consume enormous amount of time and can be tedious. It can also be exasperating so you can assign them to your virtual assistant and have them do it for you daily.

10. Preparing presentations

This task can be effectively carried out with the help of Microsoft PowerPoint, Camtasia, Google Docs and lots more online presentation tools out there in the virtual world. Virtual assistants can turn any raw data into a remarkable presentation within a given time frame, do a summary of your research, or organise business engagements using different web-based applications.

11. Industry knowledge prep

You can get so busy that you sometimes forget to check on the latest business trends. Virtual assistance can help bring you up to date with the latest business news.

12. Managing your business online

Through Virtual assistance, you can decide which items to market on eBay or other websites. They can also help you with placing orders for new supplies and coordinating with the customers.

There are many other things that they can carry out for you. All you need to do is determine which part of your business you need help with or which tasks are time consuming and can be outsourced. Find a virtual assistant and you will be surprised that you can accomplish more tasks than usual.