A Virtual PA That Is Worth Investing In

A virtual PA (personal assistant) also called a virtual office assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office. Because a virtual personal assistant is an independent contractor rather than an employee, clients don’t have to compensate employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits mandated by the Labor Code, except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the virtual PA’s fees.

Virtual PA’s or more commonly known as VA’s (virtual assistants) are not new. Before the Internet era, they used faxes and telephones to keep in touch with their employers but remained a relative rarity. The term ‘Virtual Personal Assistant’ had yet to be coined. Today, they are far more common. A virtual PA is typically paid only for the hours that they actually work instead of a fixed salary of a 40-hour week.

Hiring a Virtual PA is essentially an investment on behalf of your business…

A virtual PA can also be someone working in the office under the management of a company. The facility and internet connection as well as training are provided by the company. The home based virtual assistant on the other hand, works either in an office sharing environment or in the comfort of her own home.

Hiring a virtual PA to help build your personal brand is essentially an investment on behalf of your business. Consequently, you will need to spend time on training and developing them over a period of time so that they could guarantee a return of your investment.

Companies gain from flexibility. Instead of being locked into paying for a set number of hours per week, a business owner can adjust according to the amount of work needed. As with many contractors, a virtual PA based overseas, say in the Philippines or India, usually charge far less. Not only do companies save on employee benefit costs, but they don’t need to lease space for an extra desk or even buy a computer.

With a Virtual PA, you company can gain more flexibility…

Companies have become more accepting of remote and mobile workers in recent years as online tools have made it easier to keep in touch with the home office and do clerical work from afar.

I am proud to say that this kind of profession takes more self-control and motivation…

I am a Virtual Personal Assistant. And I am proud to say that this kind of profession takes more self-control and motivation to do your job well to impress your employer and give the satisfaction a client is expecting from you. Being a virtual PA is not as easy as ABC as what others think it is. Not everyone is suitable for the role. For instance, some can always make excuses why they weren’t able to go online. Indeed, being a Virtual Personal Assistant is a profession, and not just an ordinary part-time job.

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