5 Reasons Why Every SMB Owner Should Have A Virtual PA

Having a small business means two things—you only have a handful of people and you’re on top of everything. Small business owners fall into the trap of doing a little bit of everything at the risk of overlooking the crucial aspects of their business. One of the business solutions being used by SMBs are virtual personal assistants or virtual PA. They are competent and skilled professionals who can help in various business processes. If you are wondering if you should hire one, here are five reasons why a virtual PA is a great addition to your business.


With a Virtual PA… You’ll never miss a meeting or deadline

Your virtual PA can help you organize your schedules and meetings. With the long list of things to do that you have, there may be instances when you have been late for a meeting or have missed a deadline because of your overlapping schedules. Your virtual PA can help you with that as she is capable of doing administrative tasks such as overseeing your business commitments.


You’ll never do the tasks you hate.

There are many routine and repetitive tasks that small business owners do which take so much of their time. These are necessary but they have minimal impact on your business. You can assign these tasks to your virtual PA. Just provide her with guidelines if you have a unique way of doing certain things. She can accomplish these things for you more efficiently since she’s focused on that and she’s not distracted by the demands of other business areas.


You’ll never have to spend so much for new personnel.

One of the main reasons why SMB owners hire virtual PAs is because of the cost savings it provides. Your virtual PA is adept in multiple business solutions thus sparing you from hiring two to three additional people who will supposedly take on those tasks. She can update your database while overseeing your social media accounts. Virtual PAs are trained to multi-task and accomplish things within the given timeline.


You’ll never have to put off your big business ideas.

Since your virtual PA takes on the tasks your delegate, she is technically giving you more time. This allows you to plan and execute your business ideas. As an owner, it is your responsibility to expand and grow your business. With less work and more time in your hands, you can do that and so much more. You will even have time to equip yourself by attending conferences and webinars—things that you’ve never had the chance to do before.


You’ll never stress on minor things beyond your work hours.

The great thing about having a virtual PA is that you can tell set her work hours. You can require her to work alongside you for four hours and let the remaining hours be on a different schedule for tasks that require consistent monitoring. It would be good to work with a virtual assistant firm because they can provide you with PAs who can work on different shifts for you. This will remove a great deal of stress from you.

These are just some of the many reasons why hiring a virtual PA is a strategic move for small business owners. Look at your business now and assess the areas where you need help. Scout for multiple virtual PA providers to compare their services and other offerings. Try them for small projects with minimal risks to get a feel of it. There’s practically no harm in trying their services. It’s just a matter of knowing if this business solution will fit your business dynamics.

4 Ways Your Virtual PA Can Help You Rake In More Sales

Entrepreneurship has certainly reached new lengths! As of today, many aspiring businesspeople are able to start their own businesses at a very young age. Aside from starting and executing plans and strategies, handling a business requires full attention and it grows more and more challenging every day. This is one of the main reasons outsourcing became so popular! You as a start-up business owner can delegate different business operations to your virtual PA so you could focus on other, more pressing processes to build your business. How exactly will your virtual PA help you rake in more sales, you ask? Here’s how:

You have two “I’s”

You have employed yourself a Virtual PA who will help you not only in managing your business but also in helping you advance it. Make them want to indulge in your passion, make them understand that you have employed them not just to work for you but to work with you to make the company grow. See to it that you inspire them to be involved in your and their work, not because they’ll get paid, but because the process will help them grow as well. This way, you are giving them the influence that they are part of the foundation that will hold your company, at the same time you are entrusting them this duty in a form of an inspiration.

A Third “I”

As the boss, you must personally work around meeting clients and other technical business matters while your virtual PA handles everything else. It’s an important role for your Virtual PA to establish a connection towards customers by interacting with them through encouraging customer service and fresh marketing strategies. By being in touch with your loyal customers through your virtual PA, you are successfully retaining a healthy relationship with them.

Your Virtual PA as your Virtual Mediator

Interacting is a vital role in maintaining clients and gaining potential customers. Answering customer related concerns, relaying messages and campaigns, bringing awareness to various demographics online are tasks you will be entrusting your virtual PA with. Making Social Media one of her responsibilities will give your customers an opportunity to more accessible information about your business and product, creating the possibility that they would most likely recommend you to others.

Make them lead the way

A true and dedicated virtual PA is not just an assistant. They are your carbon copy. Entrusting them with administrative responsibilities such as, finding/establishing leads for feasible strategies or potential clients would be a task completed with decision-making skills like yours. Assign research work on the current market for your virtual PA to study and report. Have them write important content that would boost your business’ reputation. It’s team work at its best! Not only do you reach out to customers/clients, but you also get information and sale strategies fast thanks to your virtual PA!

Your virtual PA is an extension of you. A right-hand. Picking the right virtual PA is also a critical factor that would help your business gain more sales. As your assistant, he or she should be able to think like you, make decisions like you, and handle situations like you. They should have the same vision for your business, as you. But don’t be greedy! In the end, you’ll get more of the revenues and a lot of the credit, so be fair to your employees and don’t forget to compensate them well so they are even more motivated.

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