Virtual Services – A Bold Move for Emerging Businesses

Virtual service provides clients with a wide variety of support services through a single point of contact. Tasks may or may not be delegated to another person in the company depending on who is best-suited for the assignment. They provide communication and address services that allow users to reduce traditional office costs while maintaining business professionalism.

Virtual services are experiencing a breakthrough not only in the Australia but even in countries that are currently in recession. As businesses look to trim expenses, online virtual services help reduce expenditures while keeping professionalism high. For example, instead of paying for space and communication infrastructure on an as-needed basis, businesses can just keep office expenses to a minimum.

These are some of the many virtues of virtual services:


It’s the latest twist in outsourcing. Small businesses are starting to get help from virtual services camped out on the cyber-frontier. Do a little surfing and you’ll find ”virtual assistants” who word-process, plan events, and handle other office chores over the net; online consultants who dispense advice by e-mail; a computerized transcription service; and human-resource management companies that let you tap into expensive software for managing employee benefits. These virtual service providers will probably never shake your hand because the bulk of their work will be done by e-mail, electronic file transfers, password-protected websites, and web-based software.


Need some secretarial or administrative help? Thanks to the internet, virtual assistants are able to help you run your business smoothly even while working from their homes. For fees ranging from $7 an hour and up for word processing, to $15 an hour for more sophisticated services, such as event planning or publicity, virtual assistants handle business by e-mail, file transfers, and websites.


In some cases, traditional outsourcing is starting to offer a new Internet option as a convenience. If you’re interested in finding a virtual service, be prepared for a little homework. Try using an Internet search engine to browse under specific topics, such as accounting, or inquire about virtual services with the relevant trade groups. Checking references becomes particularly important when you can’t meet your virtual providers in the flesh and have only their website to go by; and, as with any outsourcing, there’s no free ride.

Virtual services are not just a cost-efficient way to run a small business, they also provide you with a competent and productive way to grow your company into a global enterprise. Business owners have top reasons why virtual services enable global business.

First, it lets you have virtual offices around the world. It doesn’t matter where you are based, companies can hire a virtual representative or assistant in location where they need the service.

Second, it enables you to communicate with customers using their home language and customs. It’s important for customers to feel comfortable with your business and this is best achieved by hiring customer support services or assistants who are situated within their locale or who speak the same language and use the same customs within the same time zone.

Third, it allows you be more cost – efficient. Like what is mentioned in the virtues of virtual services, this service is cheaper. For instance, you’ll find that hiring a support person in your customer’s locale can be more affordable than hiring staff members who work in a big city like London or Paris. Fourth, it lets you work while traveling. This is an advantage for both the business owners and Virtual Assistants because they can both work even if they are not at home or at the office as long as they have all the tools and software needed to finish their tasks on time.

Lastly, it saves time. Again, this goes to business owners and VA’s. It allows both to save time and focus their energies where they’re needed most instead of trying to do everything at once.

How Virtual Services Can Help You Save Your Business

Businesses drive the world’s economy, creating chains as each moves mountains and pushes boundaries to get things done. But what exactly drives businesses? What are the figures that keep them going? There is the main boss, of course, then the other bosses, the various staff, AND virtual services. In today’s business landscape, the last figure is as basic as the others.

Virtual services provide companies with assistance in accomplishing tasks. These are individuals outside the office, filling in positions for you. Although the lack of a human element in the experience is posed by the facelessness of your transactions, it is a slight drawback compared to the benefits that they pose. The idea has long been ripened, but as yours is only a small business, you haven’t considered contacting a virtual service provider yet. Small or large, local office or multinational company, you may want try now, especially based on the following reasons:

You are able to focus on the bigger things

When you’re focused, especially on the right priorities, you are more able to manage office processes. It also means that, as the boss, you can center your time and effort into steering your staff to going the right way, rather than performing tasks yourself. You can request virtual assistance for the tasks that you feel take up much of your time but aren’t of equal importance as other tasks. There are also providers that offer services in various jobs such as IT, internet, and meeting. With the array of choices in the industry there is, you can opt to request for help any time. No more little task for you to worry about. Now you have more time and effort for the bigger jobs.

Your costs are slimmed down

Remember when you stopped dreaming of fast cars and conquering Vegas? Well that’s because this has become your new dream—right? As a businessman, you count every penny and make sure that no loss is gained. Profit is your friend, while loss is your enemy. That given, you may want to consider virtual services now. Why again? Because with external aid, you do not have to spend additional fees for superannuation, PAYG services, or Workers’ Compensation insurance. You do not even need to spend for the office equipment of your new employees. As they use their own resources, you expect that they have the right equipment to use and you do not have any responsibility to provide for them. With all these given, you may now allot your budget to the other needs of your office.

Your virtual staff also offers flexibility

As they operate from their home offices, your virtual staff may be able to work beyond the hours that your office employees do. That means you can ask them to work on the weekends, and to rush on some tasks. They may be more accepting of extra tasks than your regular employees are, so take advantage of this. But remember to compensate them appropriately to ensure that your relationship as employer and employee remains outstanding.

They’re accessible online

You’re the boss, which means you’re more likely to have time in front of your screen than in front of your employees—your regular employees, that is. Since virtual services takes its name after its nature—it’s digital and online—your employee on the other side of the screen may be more accessible than the one on the other side of the door.

Virtual services offer aid in a number of jobs that you may hope to check out, because let’s face it: even the most experienced businessmen need help, especially as these are composed of professionals in their own fields. With these benefits sure to come your way, why resist the temptation?