Your website is the first point of contact for most customers, and it should attract their attention from the moment they land on it. The website’s appearance, design, layout, and user interface all play a role in determining the overall conversion rate.

And higher conversion rates precisely are what you’re after. You could think of your website as an online salesperson that attracts customers and increases revenues. But that can happen only when you fulfil the customers’ requirements.

Since web development requires highly specialised skills, knowledge, and expertise, the best option is to hire a digital marketing agency like Edge Marketing to handle the entire process.

Besides aesthetics and navigation, web development includes client-side scripting, server and network security, e-commerce development, and database technology. All of these combined affect the overall conversion rates

What are other reasons for hiring a marketing agency for your website’s development, and is the investment worth it? How can higher conversion rates help you in sales, and do they offer additional services? Read on to find out.

Importance of a well-designed website

An attractive website helps you with SEO, increased conversion rates, user experience, and analytics. These are some ways that happen.


Your website’s appearance influences the SEO rankings, despite many people believing it doesn’t. And part of that is things like original content, without which you cannot enjoy higher rankings and visibility amongst users.

Although Google has no penalties for duplicate content, it significantly impacts the rankings for your web pages. An agency checks and rechecks the content you provide while incorporating the best SEO practices during website creation.

Increased conversion rates

An attractive website has a direct impact on the conversion rate. Unless the visitor is impressed by its appearance, browsing experience, and layout, the chances of converting them into potential customers are pretty low.

A marketing agency will double and triple your conversion rates by utilising the website’s potential without additional traffic. This is also vital because not every visitor to a webpage will have an inquiry.

Interestingly, the average conversion rate is about 2%, which is relatively low. Experienced web development professionals will gain performance insights, including Google metrics, load speeds, errors and warnings, mobile responsiveness, and browser compatibility, which will produce results.

Higher conversions also increase your profits automatically. For instance, optimising your website can increase your profits by almost 200,000 AUD a year.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics plays a role in website design and development. An agency develops a site’s strategies with on-page cues that influence a visitor’s behaviour for taking action.

Influencing a visitor’s behaviour on your website increases the chances of sales or inquiries. They can track every visitor on your site and ensure they stay longer by providing quality content.

Experienced agencies can track how the user found your website (for example, through online advertising, Google search, site referrals, Facebook, directly typing your website address etc.). What keywords did they prefer to use while finding you, and which of those are most profitable for your business?

Best custom-built website

An agency gives you the advantage of building a custom-built website using the best practices like coding in CSS, PHP and HTML for effective communication with search engines. A custom website also provides you with the benefits of incorporating future add-ons and changes without rebuilding the site.

You must hire a digital agency like Edge Marketing for your website’s development and design process. Their experienced professionals will consider various factors, incorporate best SEO and analytics practices, and ensure you have higher conversion rates and, thereby, higher profitability.