Working as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant (VA)

I have never thought of becoming a real estate virtual assistant until someone introduced me to the virtual society and how this career path can offer substantial remunerations. I decided to leave the corporate world and I now loved being a real estate virtual assistant. With the emerging technology today and how it rapidly influences real estate trends, there is a constant need for virtual assistants to assist with real estate specialists. Below are the reasons why I love being a real estate virtual assistant:Work from home

1. Work from home

Appealing right? Yes it really is. Becoming a real estate virtual assistant, along with other types of VA’s, allows you to work from home. Moreover, you also have the freedom to work anywhere! With all the advancement in technology, we can work anywhere we like (as long as we can concentrate though). The concept of working remotely, without geographical boundaries is in fact alluring to most people.More time and more savings

2. More time and more savings

Since I started working as a real estate virtual assistant, I am more than happy. Being raised to be family-oriented, I now have more quality time with my family. Aside from that, I can watch over them while working!

The great advantage of being a real estate virtual assistant is I don’t have to get up really early, prepare for hours, and pay for a cab to get to work on time. It also saves me from all the expenses that come with working in an office (taxi fares, meals, etc.).


3. Break into the Real Estate industry

Real estate is a world that I love to be in, and luckily I became a real estate virtual assistant. This job is attractive to me most as I wanted to learn more about the real estate practices of other cultures. Helping my client to find prospects and leads is really an achievement for me as we all know that the real estate industry is quite competitive.

4. Have remarkable references and recommendations

This is a fact. Becoming a real estate virtual assistant permitted me to have a lot of references from business owners and industry professionals. This helps me to outshine in this competitive career that I work in.

5. Learn from my bosses (the Win-Win Situation)

This career gave me the opportunity to learn a lot about the real estate industry. My clients never fail to teach me the core tasks of the real estate business. In return, I help them achieve their business goals. Team work is really vital when outsourcing your business.

It’s been almost a year since I have decided to work from home and I must say that I did not at all regret the decision I have made. Working as a real estate virtual assistant is so far, the best decision I’ve ever made.

By: Leah Kristina Zaragoza