Ask any real estate agent — or entrepreneur, for that matter — and they’ll tell you that an effective and efficient marketing plan brings revenue and cuts costs. But with the amount of work involved with managing a real estate company, how will you have the time AND the energy to still craft a comprehensive marketing strategy for your agency?

It’s time to give your to-do list a second look and see if you’re missing out on opportunities to maximise your potential to sell real estate.

Here are the top 5 signs that you’re spending more time on administrative duties and less on tasks that drive sales:

1. You don’t have time to meet with potential clients personally.

Paperwork can seem never-ending, especially when your real estate agency is a one-person team. But when all your time and effort are devoted to accomplishing back-office responsibilities, you may miss precious opportunities to meet and strengthen ties with potential clients.

In the real estate industry, where trust and customer service are paramount, not being able to attend to your clients personally can spell disaster for your agency. Here’s a solution — hire an extra hand to help with office tasks such as cold calling, organising files, and scheduling.

2. You haven’t gotten around to fine-tuning your marketing strategy.

When most of your attention is devoted to administrative tasks, you may not have the chance to focus on more critical aspects of the business.

Studying current marketing trends and fine-tuning your business strategy are top priority tasks for a real estate agency owner as these tasks are more impactful on growing revenue.

3. Your stats show that you have more client churn than repeat clients.

Whether you handle property management or sales, gaining customer loyalty is significant to your real estate agency.

Losing clients — instead of retaining them — can suggest that there’s still potential to improve your agency’s customer care and service.

4. Your social media marketing isn’t strategic.

Does your social media content look random, haphazard, or even confusing? This can signify that you’re posting without a clear strategy in place. When this happens, it decreases your agency’s potential to reach your target audience online.

As a real estate agent, having a well-crafted and data-driven social media marketing strategy can mean leads for your business or your next big sale. A real estate assistant can be tasked with posting content on your social media accounts while you focus on what information gets posted when.

5. Work/life balance doesn’t exist for you at all.

You may be wondering what work/life balance has to do with selling real estate.

Despite having a busy schedule and an ever-dynamic workplace, a real estate agent should be able to recharge and have time to do things that he enjoys.

When you strike a healthy balance between work and the things you love, you’ll become more engaged as you talk to clients and work on other high-value responsibilities.

Hire a real estate virtual assistant to maximise your agency’s potential

Do any of the statements above sound like you? No worries. There’s a secret sauce to getting all the tasks on your plate done. At the same time, you maximise your agency’s potential simultaneously — it’s called real estate virtual assistant services, and successful real estate agents outsource them to cut down on company expenses while growing revenue.

With a real estate virtual assistant, you can be sure that your to-do list for administrative work is accomplished while staying on top of things that are more high-value for your company.