Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a person contracted to provide clerical and project management support to a company’s marketing department or manager from a remote location.

Marketing is an integral component of every business organization. It is the division that is tasked to design strategies to promote products and services with the end goal of generating consistent streams of revenue every month.

In the business world, companies are constantly competing for greater brand patronage and loyalty. Companies are always looking for the most innovative ways to win the approval of its target market. In a sense, competition is a field of battle and marketing is the chief strategist. Thus, marketing is a field of specialty that is continually evolving; developing new approaches to build and establish new markets.

Advantages of hiring a personal marketing assistant

With the availability of digital technology, marketing has broadened its scope and reach. Through digital marketing, companies have opened their doors to a global market of approximately 7.1 billion Internet users. The challenge for digital marketing is how to reach out to these markets and drive traffic to their company.

The first step for every company that wants to maximize marketing opportunities online is to build a website. The website is the company’s digital place of business in the World Wide Web. From there, the marketing department would have to choose its digital tools of the trade.

Digital Marketing has several tools to offer. Among the popular online marketing strategies are SEO techniques, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, link building, Pay-Per-Click advertising, blogging and online paid advertising. The key in designing an effective and successful digital marketing strategy is to have a firm understanding of the business objectives. Planning a digital marketing campaign is not the hard part; implementation is.

This is where hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant or VMA becomes a Valuable Marketing Asset.

Before marketing became highly specialized, virtual marketing assistants were hired primarily to lend assistance by handling purely clerical matters and personal assistant services. But with the evolution of marketing and its transition to digital technology, companies are looking for experienced digital marketers who can immediately contribute to the endeavor without breaking the budget.

An experienced Marketing Assistant or Manager who is recruited to work in an office will cost the company at least AUD$30 per hour plus benefits. On the other hand, a VMA will charge an average of AUD$7 to AUD$10 per hour and does not receive benefits. On the basis of compensation, a company that hires a VMA saves 80% already.

But the biggest advantage of hiring a VMA is productivity. A company only pays a VMA on the hours he or she works and they are required to comply with the scope of work detailed in their contracts. A VMA has direct knowledge and vast experience in running digital marketing campaigns. He or she can manage and implement a digital marketing campaign even during the company’s off hours.

In digital marketing consistency is important to achieve online visibility. In implementing social media strategies, postings, shares, blogging and updates must be consistently done during the key hours. The general rule of thumb is to post at least five times a day, five days a week at five identified key hours of the day. This is especially true if the company is trying to reach out to widely dispersed regions.

Another crucial aspect of social media marketing is the ability to engage followers who comment on a post and article. Engagement presents the unique opportunity to highlight the company’s expertise and credibility. Finally, it is highly important to bridge the time lag between an e-mailed or posted inquiry and the response. In business, time is a valuable commodity. And in a global community, cultures may have a different perspective on the value of time. Generally, you can never go wrong with issuing a prompt response.


A VMA can ensure your digital marketing strategies are implemented and running according to schedule.

By recruiting a Virtual Marketing Assistant in your team, you have already kept your business at pace with the competition.