Many businesses hire virtual assistants to take care of time-consuming and repetitive tasks that typically revolve around admin tasks. But it doesn’t take a large leap of the imagination to understand that the core skills of a virtual assistant can be applied to marketing skills as well. 

While it’s entirely possible to gradually train and coach a virtual assistant for these marketing skills, we find that most businesses can benefit from hiring a second person as a dedicated virtual marketing assistant. 

It’s like the concept of having a secretary or personal assistant and a separate sales manager. 

They are different tasks, and by hiring separate people, you’re likely to achieve more business value and success. 

But there are more benefits to hiring a dedicated marketing VA, and I want to show exactly how your business can benefit.

What Is A Virtual Marketing Assistant?

A Virtual Marketing Assistant is a person contracted to provide clerical and project management support to a company’s marketing department or manager from a remote location.

You’re not going to hire a virtual assistant for developing sales strategies and detailed market analysis of your competitors. But marketing managers and business owners will encounter a lot of time-consuming tasks during marketing campaigns that can be more of a distraction. 

We spoke to Adam from Ignite SEO for consulting and marketing, and he said, “ There are many benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant as a company. These trained professionals remotely offer clerical and project management support to your marketing department. 

“Some of the tasks they handle include social media management, competitor research, target audience research, data entry, etc. The main proven benefits of hiring a virtual marketing assistant include boosting the company’s productivity, saving the company’s resources, widening the customer base, and many more. 

“So if you’ve been wondering if hiring a virtual marketing assistant is good for you, you’ve got your answer.”

Basically, the more repetitive a marketing project task is, the more suitable it is to become one of your virtual assistant responsibilities. 

Maximising Your Marketing Team Productivity

Marketing is an integral component of every business organization. It is the division that is tasked to design strategies to promote products and services with the end goal of generating consistent streams of revenue every month.

It’s a lot more than just lead generation, as you need a lot of data and information before you can even start targeting new clients. 

In the business world, companies are constantly competing for greater brand patronage and loyalty. Companies are always looking for the most innovative ways to win the approval of their target market. 

In a sense, competition is a field of battle, and marketing is the chief strategist. Thus, marketing is a field of specialty that is continually evolving, developing new approaches to build and establish new markets.

Especially with modern technology and communications methods, it has become a very different landscape than even 10 years ago. 

Virtual Marketing Assistant Job Description

Whether you’re planning to post your own job offer or you’re looking through online profiles of virtual marketing assistants, it’s important to start with a list of prioritised marketing assistant duties.

Here are some of the core requirements that you’d need in a marketing assistant job description:

  • Email marketing
  • Data entry
  • Online market research
  • Social media marketing
  • Search trend analysis
  • Content writing skills
  • Online ad campaign experience

You might need to hire multiple virtual marketing assistants to get all of these skills covered, which can make the hiring process a bit more challenging. 

Here at Outsource Workers, we can help you with that entire process. Rather than having to come up with the right marketing assistant job description, we can find the right person from our talent pool. 

And if the marketing assistant job requires some specialised skills, then we can take care of the hiring process to save you time and effort to remain focused on your marketing project. 

Background To Digital Marketing Efforts

With the availability of digital technology, marketing has broadened its scope and reach. Through digital marketing, companies have opened their doors to a global market of approximately 7.1 billion Internet users. The challenge for digital marketing is how to reach out to these markets and drive traffic to their company.

The first step for every company that wants to maximise marketing opportunities online is to build a website. The website is the company’s digital place of business on the World Wide Web. From there, the marketing department would have to choose its digital tools of the trade.

Digital Marketing has several tools to offer. 

Among the popular online marketing strategies are SEO techniques, social media marketing, email marketing, link building, Pay-Per-Click advertising, blogging, and online paid advertising. The key in designing an effective and successful digital marketing strategy is to have a firm understanding of the business objectives. Planning a digital marketing campaign is not the hard part; implementation is.

This is where hiring a Virtual Marketing Assistant or virtual marketing assistant becomes a Valuable Marketing Asset.

Advantages Of Hiring A Personal Marketing Assistant

Before marketing became highly specialised, virtual marketing assistants were hired primarily to provide assistance by handling purely clerical matters and personal assistant services to a marketing manager.

Cost Savings 

But with the evolution of marketing and its transition to digital technology, companies are looking for experienced digital marketers who can immediately contribute to the marketing team without breaking the budget.

An experienced marketing assistant or manager who is recruited to work in an office will cost the company at least AUD$30 per hour plus benefits. On the other hand, a virtual marketing assistant will charge an average hourly rate of AUD$7 to AUD$10 per hour and does not receive benefits. On the basis of compensation, a company that hires a virtual marketing assistant can save money to the tune of 80%.

Productivity Boost

But the biggest advantage of hiring a virtual marketing assistant is productivity. A company only pays a virtual marketing assistant on the hours he or she works, and they are required to comply with the scope of work detailed in their contracts. 

A virtual marketing assistant has direct knowledge and vast experience in running digital marketing campaigns. He or she can manage and implement a digital marketing campaign even during the company’s off-hours.

That means you gain the advantage of marketing projects continuing with forward momentum almost 24 hours a day. 

Marketing Consistency

In digital marketing, consistency is important to achieve online visibility. In implementing social media strategies, postings, shares, and blogging, updates must be consistently done during the key hours. 

The general rule of thumb is to post at least five times a day, five days a week at five identified key hours of the day. This is especially true if the company is trying to reach out to widely dispersed regions.

With a virtual marketing assistant, you can schedule all those posts before the rest of the team arrives at the office. 


Another crucial aspect of social media marketing is the ability to engage followers who comment on a post and article. Engagement presents a unique opportunity to highlight the company’s expertise and credibility. 

And because a modern online marketing strategy should go beyond just Facebook, it’s important to stay on top of all social media accounts. 

But such efforts take up a lot of time for repetitive tasks, which is why they are ideally suitable for a virtual assistant. 

Extended Online Hours

Finally, it is highly important to bridge the time lag between an e-mailed or posted inquiry and the response. 

In business, time is a valuable commodity. 

And in a global community, cultures may have a different perspective on the value of time. Generally, you can never go wrong with issuing a prompt response.

And that should be one of the core duties of a marketing assistant. Ideally, they should be experienced enough to respond to certain queries themselves. At the very least, they should monitor incoming queries and list them in priority order for other team members to pick up. 

What Marketing Tasks Can You Outsource To A Virtual Assistant?

The way you need to approach this is to meet with your marketing team or look at all your marketing-related business processes and identify the time-consuming, repetitive tasks. 

The more mundane they are, the more they impact the productivity of your core marketing people, making you less dollar productive. 

Here are some tasks that you need to consider for handing over to a virtual assistant:

  • Blog post formatting and posting
  • Maintain social media accounts and posts
  • Respond to social media queries
  • Monitor email marketing campaigns
  • Write content for your blogs and posts
  • Manage Google And Facebook ad campaigns
  • Research competitor websites and social media
  • Graphic design for marketing material
  • Video editing for Youtube channels
  • Website SEO management

There are many more tasks that your business might be doing to manage leads and existing customers. And once you get started with a virtual assistant, you’ll quickly find that you can extend their responsibilities and hire more people. 

Hire Your Virtual Marketing Assistant Today

A virtual marketing assistant can ensure your digital marketing strategies are implemented and running according to schedule. They will free up a lot of your time, giving you a better work-life balance and far greater productivity. 

If you want to test how much of a difference a marketing virtual assistant will make, then save yourself the time of posting a marketing assistant job and then screening and interviewing potential candidates. 

Here at Outsource Workers, we have marketing assistants with great communication skills and specific experience to get you started within a few days. 

Simply contact our team to find out about our flexible virtual assistant services and how quickly you could be saving a load of time.