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Brett Russo is a Licensed Real Estate Agent and who has over a decade of industry experience as well as being the Principal of a successful boutique Real Estate Agency in Australia.

5 Ways To Provide IT Support To Your Remote Workforce

Businesses and companies have implemented and tried their best to adjust to the ‘new normal,’ which is to work from [...]

13 Criteria For Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant

To many businesses and e-commerce retailers these days, a virtual assistant (VA) provides many services from remote locations. There’s a [...]

Offline Productivity Tools and Techniques for a More Efficient Disconnect

So much of life is about being connected electronically these days, especially with so many of us working from home. [...]

How to Improve Company Culture for Remote Workforce in Real Estate

While not exactly a new concept in the real estate industry, working remotely is becoming more common. The lack of [...]

4 Ways to Show Appreciation to Outsourced Workers

Many companies make the mistake of treating their outsourced workers as an afterthought--tools that are useful for the time being [...]

Beating Competition By Providing Better Home Owner Advice

Customer experience is rapidly becoming the defining feature of a company’s reputation. According to a report in B&T, the impact [...]

Marketing Your Real Estate Business

Photo credit: Maurice Williams When it comes to marketing your real estate business, much has stayed the same but a [...]

9 Reasons Outsourcing Is The New Normal

Outsourcing is changing the face of businesses, and most people are here for it. Outsourcing is the practice of contracting [...]

From Depreciation to Renters: A Guide to Outsourcing Property Investment Obligations

Managing your property investment can be a demanding responsibility that requires timeliness, dedication and extreme attention to detail. With the [...]

4 Ways Digital Marketers Can Leverage Outsourcing

Digital marketing is made up of a variety of different functions and expertise, from social media marketing to SEO to [...]

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