Target Better Clients With Better Research And Prospecting

Sales generation is a vital component in business. Without sales, the business will not survive. It is important to keep [...]

Offshoring And Outsourcing – Advantages And Disadvantages

In 2008, before Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America, proponents of the Philippines’ Business [...]

Podcast Interview – How To Hire A Virtual Assistant For $7 An Hour

Podcast Interview - How To Hire A Virtual Assistant For $7 An Hour If you’re doing something you’re not supposed [...]

How To Maximize The Performance Of Your Virtual Employee

How To Maximize The Performance Of Your VA The only difference between a Virtual Employee and a regular office employee [...]

8 Important Qualities And Skills Needed When Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Most important Virtual Assistant skills A Virtual Assistant is a valuable asset for businesses of any size but especially for [...]

Why you need To Hire A Virtual Secretary

 Why you need to hire a VIRTUAL SECRETARY Time is one of the most valuable commodities for every entrepreneur. As [...]

Quality Work With a Virtual Assistant

Can you get Quality Work done with a Cheap Virtual Assistant? When you see the words, “Cheap Virtual Assistant” would [...]

Virtual Sales Assistant

Building up your Sales Force with a Virtual Sales Assistant A Virtual Sales Assistant is a specialised version of the [...]

Evolution of the Virtual Assistant

Evolution of the Virtual Assistant: From 2007 to Present Day Tim Ferris was a typical entrepreneur. He wanted to do [...]

Qualifying your Outsourcing Services Provider Part 1- Why Going Big Isn’t Always the Best

Qualifying your Outsourcing Services Toward the last quarter of 2014, Japan declared it was in a state of recession. The [...]

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