April 2019

How To Recruit And Train Data Entry Clerks

It is often perceived as an entry level position but Data Entry clerks play an important role in the success [...]

Content Writing Vs. Copywriting Why You Can’t Have One Without The Other

Content writing is the process of creating material that is relevant, useful, informative and engaging for the purpose of serving [...]

6 Proven Strategies For Effective Cold Calling

For many telemarketers, there’s nothing cold about cold calling. In fact, it’s a task that makes them sweat. If there [...]

Target Better Clients With Better Research And Prospecting

Sales generation is a vital component in business. Without sales, the business will not survive. It is important to keep [...]

Future Trends In Social Media

If you’re not yet on the social media train, hop on board. It’s never too late. However, social media is [...]

How To Pay Your VA –  Everything About Pricing

Hiring a Virtual Assistant or a VA is one of the best ways to improve producivity. By outsourcing tasks to [...]

How To Manage Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail marketing is a promotional strategy which involves the delivery of physical goods or items to the addresses of [...]

What Is The Best Email Format To Get Better Conversions?

If content is king, then email is the best messenger especially if you want to drive conversions. Email is often [...]

Privacy Laws That Impact What Customer Data You Collect

Consumers are so concerned about data privacy that according to the 2017 Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, data privacy almost [...]

October 2018

What Social Media Platform Will Work Best For You?

If your business is not on any social media platform, pat yourself on the back for surviving this long. The [...]

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